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Gimp DDS wont work.


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so even thugh i am usign the SAME VERSION that i was using previrusly, in which .DDS exe worked, it nolonger want sto work after reinstalling windows and reinstalling gimp. i tried that latest 2.8 relase 2.8.22 and then also tried the 2.8.10 release in which i saw a video of it working on, but despite weather i use the x64 or the x32 it refuses to work, i even checked "support for older plugins" and "Support for 32 bit plugins" in the installation list


but after seraching they internet and reading trhse fourms it appears to nolonger want to work regardless of the version of GIMP i use. why did it suddently stop workin? i remember last GIMP i used on this SAME comptuer was 2.8.10. onyl change is went from GTX 745 to GTX 970.

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