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I can`t get anything to appear in game and I can`t get my sound files to be used by the game. I used Nifscope, Blender, Outfit Studio, FO4Edit, Photoshop and Audacity to put everything together but I think the not appearing mesh problem lies in something I didn`t do NifScope. But recently I tried to make the information in each gun part the same how I seen in other mods like for example, I seen the in the M1928 Mod that the M1928 receiver has a Ninode thats like the parent then when I clicked the arrow next to it, it showed all the other things that are under the main Ninode such as BsConnectPointChildren, BsConnectPointParent, BSXFlags, other Ninodes, NiTransformerController etc. I don`t think I did this correctly to my meshes as now Creation Kits crashes whenever I even dare try to bother it rather editing the properties or trying to see what it looks like. Before I did what I did in NifScope the meshes actually showed in the CK and it let me edit the properties but I still couldn`t get the parts to load in game, they still were invisible. All I did before was just make my parts match the same position the vanilla MG parts were in Nifscope, I triangulated them in Blender and did that smooth edges thing in Outfit Studio, I didn't bother the Ninodes and stuff like that. Now the sounds I have no idea what could even be wrong. I read somewhere that Fallout 4 accepts 16-Bit sounds, that's the standard I thought I set my sounds to because the only 16-bit sound format I found in audacity was 16-Bit PCM but that didn't work, originally they were 32-Bit Float and currently are now. I have been at this for a month and like 2 weeks now trying everything possible to get this to work but avail. I already know there's something I`m doing seriously wrong but can someone please help. What do I need to do to get this to function like normal gun and actually finally upload this weapon as this is something I plan on uploading to Nexus as there's literally no Scorpion Evo mods and what inspired my to do this gun was the fact that I main Ela in R6 and love that gun!!!!

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