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Vortex for Steam and Epic Games


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Are there any tips or tricks to getting Vortex to find Steam games? I have Nier Automata in my steam folder, but even when I navigate directly to its exact folder, Vortex cant find it.


It did find FF7R in my Epic Games, but the mods I downloaded don't show up when I play it.


Is it because these games are launched by Steam and Epic respectively, rather than running on their own? The shortcuts that run the games are URL links, the games wont run from the .exe files in the game folders. Is this the whole issue?


Any ideas about what can I do about it?

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It doesn't look like Nier Automata is supported by Vortex, which is why it isn't detected.


As for FF7R, you may want to inform the extension author: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/325


I'd imagine it's not working because you haven't deployed, or you're installing mods that aren't compatible with Vortex.

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