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Double Issue walking bug and freezing during combat


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This is a new one and just started to occur around level 30 several things start happening:

  1. walking slows to a crawl while armed - no issue when gun is put away and NO - CAPS KEY IS OFF;
  2. any combat while aiming the game freezes momentarily -possibly unfreezes when stop aiming - hard to tell
    1. this only happens in combat. Firing at a wall, etc works fine
  3. FPS stutters madly

Before reaching around level 30 there are no issues with walking, combat or FPS stutters.

Other play throughs have been okay

My system is fine as mentioned never had this sort of problem


I thought it might be Immersive Fallout - movement.esp, but turning off mod makes no difference and it has been in my order for some time.

I have been using ENBoost with force memory size on (have 32gb + 8gb on video card) but on or off doesn't seem to change things.

Looking at FO4edit or Wyre Bash or even Loot doesn't offer any help and my load order seems stable enough (use MO2)

My only guess is possibly a Level list interfering with game or maybe a rogue mod.


Anyhow if someone has a thought appreciate the feedback......



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As an update it appears to start when closing in on level 33.

At beginning of level 32 to about midpoint there are no issues then walking starts to lag.

It is not until levelling up to 33 that the FPS and combat go haywire.


Currently looking at mods which

  • add more zombies and/or wildlife;
  • sorting mod
  • weather and intensity (graphic custom tool) mod
  • create new profile with saves in level 32/33 to see if turning off any mod makes a difference...
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Found issue at last - seems to be related to carry weight.

Got tired of having to dump stuff, recycle on the go and so on so I jumped my weight carry to 400lbs using GCM with 20lb increase at each level and use zero weight for most items except weapons and clothing.

Apparently at some point FO4 doesn't recognize this(?) and you basically end up limping cause it thinks you are too heavy???


Dumped most of gear and started adding stuff and I think it reset itself - no more walk , combat or FPS issues


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