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Over 60 fps cant block and walk


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As the title suggest I cannot move the player if I'm blocking with a weapon or shield. Searched for weeks and tried many different changes.


To make solving the problem easy I turned off ALL mods expect one which is what allows for over 60 fps and yet still can't walk and block. tried other mods that allow you to go over 60 fps....problem still remains.


if I turn the fps down to 60 in game I can walk and block...still in game I'll bump up fps to 70, 80, 90 fps and cannot block and walk?


I'm having trouble pinpointing the issue as it is with blocking no matter if it is with a shield, great sword etc. This problem only comes up when playing over 60 fps


Is there a default/vanilla animation that only works at 60 fps?


Any ideas or suggestions?



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