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Summons/Companion mod request


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Anyone savvy think it would be possible to set certain summonable NPCs to be made as spells for summoning?
I really enjoy Blaidd as a character, or the woman who helps you fight Godrick or even the Mage from the boss just before. But Elden Ring feels rather empty between fights and travel. Sure there's NPC to visit, questlines and dungeons a plenty. But it's rather lonely without friends to play with so I was curious if you could set NPCs as spell summons.
It would also have them summoned not in the ghastly summon aura, but as their interactable model.

For proof of concept, have a spell summon Blaidd as his normal NPC with his combat moveset as an ally to the player. One that can be summoned anywhere and assist summon could be. I think there are certain spell types that have the summon follow the player, so if he was able to do that that would be cool.

I'd just like to have a friend to fight the horrors of the lands with me.

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Is there a possibility to have a Wolf companion? Ideally, the larger pack leader type that would follow/roam around my characters around while travelling mounted, running, walking, or in dungeons. Maybe have it roam around around or lay down down when my characters are not actively moving. No attack and not attackable. Just an aesthetic thing.


Thanks, and I'd appreciate the effort!

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