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Mod request - First person & Realistic Damage


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Hello everyone,


I imagine this is deader than most sub forums here on nexus, but I thought "what the heck", so lets give this a go shall we?


I know I am kinda opening myself up for a scam but hear me out:


I am willing to pay cash money (amount negotiated between parties) for 2 mods for Nioh.

- A first person view mode (like the one we have by praydog for RE2: Remake - same level of functionality);

- A mode where damage is *realistic*, meaning, changing damage values for just about every hit, to make any weapon strike, gunshot, direct magic damage lethal to both William and enemies alike, with tick damage being non-lethal and stuff like throwables non-lethal as well (thats whats meant by *realistic* rather than a "heaven or hell" style mode like we have in DMC games);


Off the bat, minimum 500€ for that. MANDATORY: these mods must be made available here at Nexus for free for everyone else to enjoy!

I am just the patron for this project. Obviously, money changes hands with proof of work of some sort. Partial payments possible.


Hope this gets some views. I know there are lots of talented people out there. Nexus is proof. Just not sure this project is exciting enough.


If this actually works, and I can find trustworthy modders willing to accept some projects like this, I have a few other things in mind...


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