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combine Player and Dog skeletons to play as a magic dog!


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Hello! I was hoping that some brilliant modder here would kindly help me out with my mod idea!

I want to play as a magic dog! the only way I can see it working would be to somehow combine both of the skeletons for the dog and the player! that way the player mesh could be made invisible and the dog would appear visually to be controlling weapons and fighting using advanced Telekinesis!

I looked into doing this a few years back but sadly could not figure out how to do it! I tried to use the cute floppy eared white dog from this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73752?tab=images (the 4th and 5th pic have the floppy eared baby)

when I tried importing the skeletons for both the dog and the player skeletons it just broke! trying to merge a root bone just caused everything to explode for me... so I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me! I don't care how odd it looks playing as a dog in 3rd person... I think it would be super fun!

just to summarize and clarify! both animation sets would work! so all of the animations for the player would stay intact! the catch is that the player model is completely invisible! and the dog it attached to the player character! so all of the dog animations are intact as well! the player moves and the dog walks the player crouch walks and the dog does... whatever dogs do...crawling? I don't know if there's an animation for that and I don't really care!

if anyone here would kindly help me out with this (either telling me how to do it in nifskope or kindly making this a reality) I would be extremely grateful!

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