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Hendraheim with multiple adoption 6 beds compatible?


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Hy! I know there are lot of custom homes, but my top favourite is the game Hendraheim home. I cant have a steward/housecarl here, I cant have animals like cow and horse, but somehow this warm, cozy atmosphere inside this house is my favourite. But I have the multiple (6 kids) adoption mod from nexusmods and cant move to here my family. Someone know an extended Hendraheim mod? Or I would just suggest for creators :smile: I am open for similar custom home ideas too, if someone know one. I tried to search for cozy homes, but mostly I just found huge castle-like homes.


My biggest dream would be a hendraheim-like home with enough 6 beds for multiple adoption mod, with a bard and housecarl/steward, horse and cow, and at night a beautiful polar light/aurora sky, which sometimes can see in northern owned houses :smile: Oh, and sometimes I see pretty pools with shrines and sculptur in modded houses, with garden. If someone know one, please send it for me in private or here :smile:

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