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Is there a console command to make an NPC a follower?

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What Striker's answer gave away by-the-by was the one thing I immediately had to think of when reading the command given didn't work.


It's always important to keep in mind the game itself almost doesn't know any EditorIDs. What works inside a script will almost never work inside the console.

The only exceptions I'm aware of are quest names and cells. That it won't recognize "FollowPlayer" came as no surprise to me.


In console it's almost always only hexadecimal FormIDs. And if it still won't take the command then, I learned it helps typing the IDs in double quotes (") as well.

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If you're wanting or needing a mod that allows you to have followers, then look no further than CM Partners Mod Basic at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com) Beleive me, I use that mod all the time whenever I want followers!

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