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It would be cool if the Fallout Modding community had a unified community of quest & locations makers.


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This is just my opinion. I just wanted to express how I feel about the Fallout community in general.


I really love Fallout New Vegas, but personally its lack of unified modded quests and small map make it very hard to enjoy.


I always kept planning on my next modded playthrough, even planning the next mod I want to make, only to feel disappointment when I reach the majority of the map in less than 10 minutes or so and then there's no more to explore, and then there's all the quest mods that have been added by all the modders, but unfortunately most of them are all decentralized, and they don't ultimately affect the game world meaningfully, if at all.


I wanted to solve this problem by making a mod that unlocks levels after you complete a certain amount of quests, maybe even gives you weapon level ups or something too, perhaps 3 or 4 quests for each level and weapon level up, but I realize it doesn't really solve the rooted issue.


I'm only familiar with Fallout New Vegas, not so familiar with other Fallout games, but this is personally a notable issue for me with FNV. I'm not really interested in FNV anymore. I still love it though.


I imagine the reason why there isn't a unified community of quest makers and location makers to expand the map is ultimately because of money, which unless I'm wrong, Bethesda doesn't allow people to make money from creating Fallout Mods.


I think I understand modders. Everybody has bills to pay, usually expensive bills it seems, and we all have to pay these expensive bills every single month, and whoever you work for and wherever you live may be very unkind and not supportive, and entertainment jobs are apparently highly unstable. So I do understand that spending all that time modding for free can be really stressful, mainly because of bills to pay.


It sucks too because money is a sensitive topic within the modding community, I think. It would be cool if Microsoft (Since they own the Fallout Franchise now), or if Microsoft gave permission to Obsidian, to do something like what Scott Cawthon does with the Fnaf community or something (I've heard about this fan collaboration with the official Fnaf company or something from the Game Theorist Youtube Channel) and collaborate with modders that are fans of the Fallout Franchise, and pay them to expand the Fallout games through mods or something. In this case, add bunches and bunches of quest mods and new locations mods that are unified and have an impact on the game world. That'd be awesome.


I'd hope that Microsoft and/or Obsidian are ethical and don't exploit and abuse the modders who make these mods and don't try to exploit the players who support the modders, and I'd hope that the gaming community and the paid modders would work together peacefully, but the gaming industry is very self-interested and malicious it seems with all the tactics used to get people into gambling addiction along with other malicious tactics for micro-transactions, and the gaming community in general seems very angry and hateful, or at least I get that idea from the various popular gaming news youtubers.




Anyway, it would be awesome if the Fallout Modding community had a unified community of quest makers and location makers.


(I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. I was so focused on FNV, I tagged only Fallout New Vegas and not Fallout as a whole. It doesn't seem like I can fix this.)

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