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Creating non-hostile vampire NPC

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I'm trying to create a vampire that doesn't attack you on sight. I found the following reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/tes3mods/comments/crxh61/how_exactly_do_you_make_a_vampire_npc_in_the/, which goes into a little detail about creating new non-hositle vampire sections etc.


However upon altering the Vampire Berne script I get an expression error for the right eval, even when I copy paste the entire script into a differently named script it will still have the expression error, even though it should be completely the same expect for the script name.

The altered script for my vampire clan is below here:


begin "ABE_VampireYsolidilScript"

short done
short nolore
short nohello
short noflee
short noidle
short nointruder
short nothief

if ( OnDeath == 1 )
AddItem "ingred_vampire_dust_01" 1

if ( done == 1 )

if ( done == 0 )
AddSpell, "ABE_vampire blood Ysolidil" ;this is the blood disease
AddSpell, "Vampire Attributes"
AddSpell, "Vampire Skills"
AddSpell, "Vampire Immunities"
AddSpell, "Vampire Sun Damage"
AddSpell, "Vampire Touch"
AddSpell, "ABE_vampire Ysolidil specials"
ModRestoration 75

set done to 1

end "ABE_VampireYsolidilScript"


Does anybody know how to make a non-hostile vampire or why my script is getting this expression error












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I copied your script and didn't have any problem to save it as soon as I deleted the lines for the disease you created of course.


You need to click on the AI and set the fight value to a low number if you don't want a NPC/creature to be hostile.


I suppose the agressivity also depends of the dispositions between the factions and you can modify the fight value through scripts.

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