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Modded Chems and Alcohol Broke My Vanilla Chems and Alcohol


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Having a very strange issue....

I downloaded some chem/alcohol mods a while ago and everything worked great, then at some point they stopped working. But worse than that, it seems every chem/alcohol in my game is now broken, no visuals, no stat buffs/addictions, no character voice line when you use them, all gone; it still consumes the item and plays the sound effect when you take it, but nothing else happens.

All the mods seemed to work fine together, no conflicting files, incompatibilities, or anything. Like I said I'd been played the game perfectly fine with them working great. It's like they all decided to just not work one day. I had the smokable cigarettes cigars and joints mod, have a beer animated drinking (and a patch for it to make the animation quicker), as well as a drunk effects mod. I've sifted through bug reports and comment threads on the individual mod pages too just in case, but I haven't found anyone else that's encountered this issue.

I first tried re-installing but that didn't work, then I completely removed all the chem/alcohol related mods (except a re-texture) but to no avail, does anyone have any ideas? The smokable cigarettes/cigars/joints and the have a beer animated drinking mods are by the same author, and they have since locked their comment threads and stated they will no longer be updating them, maybe something broke and caused them to abandon the mods? If that's the case, why hasn't my game reset back to vanilla chems/alcohol after I removed them?

Another small but probably related issue is my character has a nicotine addiction, added by the smokable cigarettes/cigars/joints mod, and I cant get rid of it. Items that cure addictions such as Addictol and Refreshing Beverage don't do anything because they're chems/drinks so they're broken along with everything else. You could call it immersive because I smoked too many cigarettes in game and now am permanently addicted, and yeah looking at it that way is funny but I'd still like to get rid of the stat debuffs that come with addictions.

When these mods were working it was fantastic, and worst case scenario I'd just like to go back to having working vanilla chems and alcohol again, I'm at a loss on what the problem could be.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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