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Tears of Skyrim?


Tears in Skyrim - yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Tears in Skyrim - Yes or No?

    • Emotions? I fear them. Please do not add tears.
    • Needed. Much. Weep NOW and get some tears mod going!

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There is a civil war going on in Skyrim. Dragons are on the lose.


Countless people are hacked to pieces, crippled, burned to ashes by dragon fire.


Tradegy and suffering is on a rampage. Widows and orphans the lot.


But I have yet to see one single freaking TEAR in Skyrim.


Nords don't weep? F*** off, you emotional cripples ;-)




in the game, but esp. for those wonderful and sad picture stories here on Nexus (think Kayol or Caelrya and many others) - we need some serious eye drops.


Personally I am a technical idiot (well, almost), so I have no idea HOW it could be done.


As a wannabe screenarcher I would love to see something like this in puppeteer under facial expressions "Sad", "Sad, wet eyes", "Sad, heavy weeping", etc. or in some other way that can be easily switched on/off in game.


Already exists and I just did not find it? Please enlighten me.

Does not exist - well one of you freaking geniuses could do that in a snap, right? ;-)

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I second that. Skyrim needs some tears!

And let me say this - watch out, we have a mind reader over here! I was going to make the same request (was actually thinking about it yesterday).

I wanna weep! Maybe somebody could create a complexion with tears on cheeks? I don't know, I'm such a noob when it comes to modding...

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I did once a series with "tears" but I achieved that look with some work on the face textures.
Mmmh... this sounds heavy. Aipex did amazing work with his vampire-stage-mod, where he added a bloody mouth after the vampire got feeded, but I think this should be only possible with scripts and I dont know anything about it.


Easier would be a nice complexion as we have muscular and sweaty complexions, agreeing on what Kayol said ^^

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Thanks both of you for feedback & ideas!


I was working on the background story for my Neerah char ("How Neerah the vengeful came into being... " ;-) ) and needed a very sad face for one of the pics.


THOUGHT I had seen wet eyes recently - but that was tricky lighting and/or photoshop in your "Empty chairs at empty tables" series, Caelrya.


THOUGHT I had seen some tears in "that other face" series by Kayol - but those were probably just my own ;-)


so yeah - no idea. Actually a few ideas.



A special "tear" jewelry/piercing that can be attached to the eye

A warpaint (nah, probably to flat)


Postediting in Photoshop - lots of "wet eye" and "tears" tutorials out there - but I hate postediting.


Best of course would be a "real" water source in the eye, physically correct rolling of tears, leaving wet stripes on the face. Add reflection/refractiong/glittering, everything fine :smile:

Wet & Cold and some of the shower mods have a little bit of that - for the body.

Maybe some stealable ideas from there?


will have a look around if something like this exists in other games - it is actually the first time that I develop an interest in the topic.



Oh, and LOL Kayol, yes: the flow of information in the unseen is a funny thing. But don't worry, I do not know what Saga story is coming up next ;-)





Update: quick search only revealed a couple of crying mods for The Sims :ermm: - they look horribly manga, but show the general approach (overflowing overlay in lower eye, tears and wet strips on face.)

Examples: here and here (slightly better)


Update2: getting closer, found a mod (or rather modder's ressource) for tears in Oblivion - here. Maybe some of the cracks here could improve that and port it to Skyrim... from description: "this is a hackjob. It's a decal that is placed in front of the face, so it will mostly work well on characters with normal head size that are facing towards you."


Update3: ...and someone already had a go at the Tears WarPaint approach, woohoo: thread here , download is a bit down the page - will give that a shot later, may that is already all I need for now :smile:

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The Sims mods scream "kawaii!" so loudly my ears bleed. But that's a start ;)


Let us know if the warpaint may be of some use - looks promising!

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A quick test of the "tears warpaint":



Better than nothing, but of course no "real tears".

Maybe one of the hardcore screen archers can come up with some good settings for this warpaint and get better results.

But actually I would love to see someone come up with real 3d tears, maybe based on that Oblivion mod I posted above.

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It used to be that a man crying was considered manly. You weren't afraid to show your emotions and it proved that you cared deeply for something. Norse myths sometimes had men and gods crying in awe of a beautiful song or woman. Beowulf himself shed bitter tears when returning to his men after tearing the arm of the Grendel. So, in context, crying would be a nice touch. Just... after battle, or hearing an epic poem of the gods and man, or seeing a great and awe inspiring battle between man and dragon... just not when someone stole your sweet role.

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