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trying to get subnautica in vr vive pro 2 working.


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i just got my new htc vive pro2 set up and now i want to play some games that ive been wanting in VR. Subnautica is one of them but i cant seem to be able to get it to work. even with my keyboard and mouse or controller. doing a google search led me to... This... so im willing to try it. I would appreciate any help i can find.


I am following this thread from reddit to get subnautica working... https://www.reddit.c...t_heres_how_to/


i can download and extract qmod but i cant seem to find an installer and all it says is put it in your game directory. What directory? How do i install it?


I have looked to see if there were help topics, i did a search first but i dont see any how to install guides so i thought i would come here.


I do apologize if this is not the right place but i would really love to get this game working.. Steam version btw. htc vive pro2 is what im trying to get it working on.



anyway, i would love if someone could give me some pointers what to do.


Thanks for reading!


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