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What made you start playing TES?


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Thanks. Well it is no me really. It is about all I met during my game play sinse 1987.


Other players? Well many players do act as arses, scammin is made if it can be made. We have thiefs and griefers everywhere.


Let me first say positive stuff.


When players equipment broke, the only way to repair was by a master snith, another player, if you did not have your own smith. I became a member of the biggest smith guild ever existing. UBS. United black Smiths of Britania. I did RP my Blackssmith as a smith should act.


Did the players trust me? Did they really have a choice? You hand over your best stuff to a player you do not really know. Will that player nbe able to just walk away and keep the good stuff yes. Did I ever do it? NO WAY!!!! I had a reputation to think about and keep and I only wanted to have fun. Scamming is evil and cause grief.


I have been scammed in UO many times.


When I did play UPO 5 years ago, I met the best scammer ever. She was brutal. I think she called her self the Pink Dragon and she used a pink avatar at the forum where we debated stuff from a RL point of view and also argued some. She did put up all scamming screenshots to show us all ways a scamming can be done. I played chess with her ones... Did I have a chance? No way... She is in her own league.


SO why did she scam? It was her challenge. If we payd her some gold, we got it all back. She told me that she do not care about my stuff. She cared about finding ways to break the physical barriers in game. She could stand at some players houses, waited until they came out, to sneak in before they managed to lock the door.


She taught us to set up 2 doors. One outher door and one made of objects. SO when you entered your own house, you locked the front door. Scanned the hallway with a reveal spell, reveling thieves. when the house told you. You are alone. First then you removed the inner barrier, move 2 sqaures forward, locking it back into the house...


I guess it tok me and her 1-2 hours to move all my stuff back to my house after she broke in to it. I have a big mouth, so I became her target. She used 2 other players to confuse me, they attacked me far from my house, while she went ther waiting for a frustratd player to pass, me, until she managed to confuse me, enter the house at the same time I did and hide. I might forgot to lock the door as I was stressed and she knew how to stress players, how to make them fail.. I forgot to scan it for thiefs. 2 hours later, the house was emtpty. I did pay 50.000 gold to have it all back. I did hate that house all time after this, so I bought a new and I kept it secret. I never told her about it. I moved stuff time to time to the new house and kept the old as a bate.


She was around the old house for a long ime, testing me to see if I ever failed to lock the door as I was hiding inside it, watching her pass outside, observed her, when she tried to observe me. Pink Dragon, the master Scammer... :wink: She was a pain in the but, killed tamers and their targets as she disliked auto taming as that was cheating she said. All player in UO these days play tamers. As that is the most powerful player there is. 1 player, 2 dragons and a black mare, the ultimate MMORP setup. I met her many times at the farms where the players did their training for taming bulls. Bulls will take the player to master level of taming.


Well we did catch bulls and hide them isnide a castle that she could not access. She was roaming our castle and the rules was clear to eneter it. If anyone failed to lock the door, we where degraded in that guild. So we had to follow all steps to be able to open the door and get in. The Pink Dragon tried to cast earthquakes outside the castle, to shake it. That spell reach 2 squares into any house. SO if you are in a house 9x9 squares big, you will die from that spell or did it reach 1 square? All houses where protected as what I recall. The smallest house was 9x9. The smallest surface in Ultima, was a square, I guess 1m wide. That is how that game stored coordinates, by squares in 2D.


One player can only gain skills by taming one single bull ones, not twice. So when we brought bulls to that castle or fortress, we spread the word in guild. New bulls in the fortress, go and train taming. When all bulls where tamed, they got harder to retame, and the gain became higher. The tier changed. But an animal can only be tamed 3 times, so we killed them all after the training session and cut out the leather and made new leather armor from the pieces. A tamer and a mage, use leather armor. It is the ultimate killer.


3 animals required 5 slots, taming slots. To get a single slot, required a big event, the taming event. We could start that event our selves. It did require 20 players to survive it. It is among the biggest and deadliest events I ever seen. 20 players, attacking the deadliest targets, with their strongest dragon as a bate. Very fun, very stressful, very frustrating. Biggest challege ever.


If you dragon died, you had to retrain it for a day or 2 to regain its power. Ones a week, we did special training sessios, casting spells at the dragons, using Black golems for them to attack, as a black golem resist physic attacks so it will last forever. Or did it repell magic? I forgot. Well they where the only golems that we used when training the dragon as all creatures had their own skills. The black golem was spawned using a specific black pickaxe.


You went to a dull copper vein and yes, we knew where all ore veins where. We did share that info. Spawned a single Black Golem, ran for our lives to the fortress, someone opened the door, made sure the golem went in to the hallway, closed it, healed the smith with the pick axe, opened the next door, healed the smith that was under attack, lured the golem up on a couple of stairs made from stols, and when the golem passed the stairs, you teleported out from there or died. Now your dragon can use it for an evening training session. I did die many times, no big deal really. Always someone there to resurrect you. The whole game was about diying. You where always a target for the master killers and they where good killers too... Masters. Killers, grifers, thieves, tamers, cool and bad players. Most where good really...


To become a master tamer I think you had to do that event 3 times. A default char had 2 slots, so you gained one slot at one event. The stuff we got from that event was HUGE. It took me maybe an hour after the event to actually look through all stuff, using a spell at each traget to be able to see its stats. We had to reveal all stats with a reveal spell. Worked in a way like the Object Info spell in the Object Info mod.

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Chess and griefers.


Ultima renaissance is full PVP and attracts all griefers, thiefs and evil lots. And also those that just want to have fun and relaxed.


We did had a cool event maker, an RP:er who wanted to stuff fun for us so he made a bar. Ones a week we met at the bar and the last night was not different than others until all hell broke loose.


Who was t the bar? Well 5-7 players, including the Pink Dragon. What could we do in game, well we could actually play Chess. I guess the Pink Sragon got a bit bored, so she asked me: No she demanded:


-Pekka get here and we play chess.


We played, I could not focus and RP at the same time. You cannot beat her, she is that smart or the fact is, I am not good at Chess, as I think it is boring.


The Inn closed at 22:00 and 5 min later I got a HELP message in the game chat. I AM UNDER ATTACK!!!


WTH did happen? Well right after the Inn Keeper, this fun french player did close the bar, before he managed to lock the door, 6 Dragons where spawned in by remaining players. I never seen those 3 before. They popped in, opened a portal inside the house and suddenly it was over crowded with enemy beasts causing havoc. The innkeeper player got so much chocked, he never reopened the bar. He later left the game as all his events did not go as he planned and I promise you: He made quality events and spent a a lot of gold making them happen.


I do not know if the Pink Dragon was involved. I do not think she had any reason to lie. I did acuse her at the forum, as I was convinced she was involved. I got this reply back.


-Pekka - I am a lot - I am not a liar. I will always tell you the trues, no matter how much it hurts. I was not involved and I do not even know these 3 players she said. I am not alone of being evil.


Well she was not alone ;)

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I do also recalled:


I had my own colors, well I used the guild colors Black and Gold. The Pink Dragon always used a pink dress.


She killed me ones at the farm, taming, took my black and gold clothes and my black witches hat and ran around screaming, put them on.




She later gave it all back and told me. Be careful will you? I do not have any use of your clothes really, and she smiled. Do not leave your char unguarded or I kill you again. She ended the debate.

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Wow, Pellape, thats quite the history!


For me, there was not much to it. Shortly after Oblivion released for PS3, I was talking gaming with a dude I worked with. He told he about Oblivion, and the concept sounded really cool. I may have picked it up the next day. That was May of 2007. I am playing it right now. I will never stop.


But do you mean you play it PS3 or at the PC?? I did had a PS1 that I did play DOOM with 1992 or 1995 I do not remember It was so damn stressful I almost got an heartattack... :D The last levels where so hard that I had to play some of them 42 times until I was able o get to the next level. It was impossible to cheat at the PS and you did had to have a code for the next level, or you could not enter it... ;) I think it had 50 levels, 50 different cells that is. Like 50 dungeons, but they where levels. I think it was meant for us to go between the levels at the planet Marsch with an elevator.


But you must use mods right? Only with mods, a game will last forever, as that is 15 years of game play. Oblivion main stuff is normally done within a year... Skyrim took a year to complete the last time until I got no where in that bloody sh't game... ;) I trashed it... But as I constantly mod right now, the game cannot end, there is no ends, only new beginnings, all the time. To complete my library, you need to collect all books in the bloody world and when you done it, I will add more... ;) I will add the whole bloody UESP when there is no more Nirn stories to be added. I could start with the story about Cicero... ;) The elf... I like him from Skyrim really. He was original... ;) https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Cicero

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I played on PS3 until 2011, then got it on PC, so using mods since then. Yes, its always new beginnings. I have actually just finished parsing the entire Nexus for mods that look interesting to me, which I havent played before. This process has taken a week! Lol. My current character has well over 100 hours, which is great because this is the most stable install I have ever had, so Ill keep going with it.


Lol, Doom. I had the shareware version, in 93. Wild times!


I dont hate Skyrim, but its definitely a very shallow experience, compared to Oblivion and Morrowind.

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Good I am making this then as it will keep you busy for a very long time. 61 dungeons so far edited, over 70 quests. I need to polish it some before release of v0.08b of https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9160783-wip-the-companion-friendly-hobbit-home/ and if you did stay patient for 15 years to play this, 1 or 2 more weeks will not matter, will it? :D The current quests takes me 2-4 weeks to complete, but I am combining it with a lot of editing, so I can honestly not tell. Well you have to tell me later how long time it takes.

I know now how long or short time this dungeon takes as he say so in this video but he is not nice. He provoked me to actually fix all bugs and OblivionAddicted did tell me what the real problem with it actually was. Numbers. MeilV who made that mining armor did add all armor stuff starting with the number 1 and that is forbidden in Moorowninf and Slyrim. This was 2005 after all he made the armor by request by me. I asked the modders at Ices forum if anyone could help me making it. NeilV said YES I will make it. :D The Caldera Ancient Mine 2020 at Morrowind Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)


I did forgot to say why the conflict between me and the Pink Dragon started? :D RP is about provoking. That is what we did in UO my 4 first years, provoking each others to start real PvP fights as ERPA rules did say: Fighting without a good RP reason is strictly forbidden and will end up with ending membership. This rule was what we fought about behind the scene. Damn rule breakers.


I observed the Pink Dragon as she was so different and she had a big mouth but she also knew UO better than anyone else and she did share all her observations, thoughts, tricks with everyone else at the forum, like a secretary, teasing the Game Master, making him crazy and he had to work hard to fix bugs she did find. Why am I 100% sure it is a female? I later read an interview made at the server. She told us she is half Chinese, half US girl in the 30's - well educated. So it is a girl, no doubt :D So damn bright... But she has a very odd way doing her way of RP and her way of playing the game. She is a box of dynamite still I guess.


To the bloody point: What did I do to become her target?


I saw her at the farm, running around, checking the tamers if they actually was taming manually or with UO scripts. She provoked the tamers and when they did not respond, she started to kill their bulls, still no respons, she killed the players tamer and so on. She disliked scripted training. We where allowed to script it. It is how that specific server works. I scripted fishing, mining everything and used 3 accounts, 3 games at the same time loaded... We where allowed to have max 3 accounts as it was a free private server and still is. So i used 3 fishers, automated when I sailed the big sea, fishing for treasures and wrecks and sea serpents and finally the Kraken. This is unique for UO as no other MMORPG has this as far as I know.



UO Scripting: Razor Scripting - UO Outlands Wiki


Back on track


I followed her, observing her, provoking her, testing her. She stayed patient, did not allowed me to provoke her. I tested every damn way i could think of, as I did not like when she killed the bulls and the tamers. I tried to see if her name turned red but it never did... She had another char for that, a red killer, she logged in that char when she wanted to attack someone, kill it, log out, and log in a less evil char. She was so smart...


She started to plan how to teach me a lesson, started to observe me instead, and the wheel was now spinning, in full speed. Well she won, did she not? :D

  1. Killed my char as soon as I did leave the keyboard, I was distracted by my GF or dogs. Came back and saw I was dead, ressurected, seeing the Pinkie running around playing me.
  2. She planned the attack against my house in detail with some friends. Lets make this damn good she most likely said.

So bloody extreme... :wink: The thing is: I will never forget that specific player. :D


Provoking RP? yeapp... In WoW 10 years ago or similar, I met a funny Israeli player. A clown. At our events, we did anything to try to provoke the others as that was a RP server, well lets say we did fail 99% but we did had fun and we ussually had picnics, fooling around. I guess no one really read the chat anyway... So lame... Or they thought we where just a bunch of clowns? yes we where really... I used a gnome for this reason, to look and act like a clown. We where so bloody silly... This was before i met the Pink dragon... :wink: Well what is a clown without an audience? I got tired of WoW. So damn boring game...


ESO? I did play it for a year or so. The RP in ESO is deadly serious, more D&D and i am not patient enough with DF&D styled RP. It was silly but they put weeks into each event, building the stage in player house cells... I did not actually come along with our leaders there... They where really happy when i left them. I was used to real RP-PvP, provoking and sort it out with real PvP, not typing.


*spins around, putting his dagger in his right hand, aiming for the ribs and put his knife in between the ribs and stagger in the process, falling to the ground*


WTF is this? Well power emotions. We did Power emotions at UO as well, more to express a face or a motion, less action emotions, but useful in tavern events.... IN ESO, they over use the emotions, and it takes long time, and bore a player to me to death or jumping of a cliff. Take me away from here...


UO tavern event:


*Picks up the glass of whine, sipping some and listen to the interesting conversation and smiles*


That is a nice emotion. :D


If we do not test stuff, we will never know if it is good or bad, sweet or sour. My RP period did end in a disaster, did it not? :wink: Screw them... :wink: I have mentioned this before: We all have limits, I had reach and found mine for sure. It was not fun anymore. My clown acting did fail completely in ESO. The player events at the raids was boring. The players demanding me to make them new stuff daily in the none RP guild I lead of 500 players, Sprit of Nirn, well 99 active. They made me run into to the wall. I really hate or dislike ESO. I visit our chat sever some as I like the new GM that took over my guild. He did also use my paintings in Oblivion he told me, 2 days after his HD had crashed... How many armor sets did I actually make? IDK, plenty... More than 42. ESO-Sets | Elder Scrolls Online Sets


who here has my Painting Exchanger still? I need it...


There is a book called Spirit of Nirn.


Spirit of Nirn? I guess I uploaded this? The Spirit of Nirn - Guild - ESO-Database The database require an active player do update it... :wink: It cannot find me...


This is more correct: The Spirit Of Nirn / Guild Profile - Guildex - The Elder Scrolls Online Guilds Index


Me and the current GM that took it over, we 2 made that guild to grow from 200 to 500 players. We did daily recruiting in the chat, added loads of new demanding players. Until I had enough that is... ;)

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Lets go back to Qarl.


What did he do more to inspire us in Morrowind early modding? Did he only make textures? No. He also started to play with 3D, new stuff, well is that really possible... We did drop our jaws to the ground, looking at the amassing stuff he made and he made more stuff than he could publish and release so I took a lot of his items and made some odd mods. Rotating lights or whatever he made up... So i added loads of rotating objects all over Morrowind. Did they really fit? No, but they did look cool. Well. i started to use Blender 2004 or 2005 and here is something I made last year. :D


Blender rocks. Sky high. So easy to use when you have learned the basics. I can show you some cool tutorials if you wanna try it as it is not hard at all, not for statics at least. Bodies is damn hard. I suck at bodies, see for your self when I tried to add my self. a quick an dirty add. It is not that person that is interesting as it is the objects, the 2 instruments.


That person i added to see the scale and perspective. Is every drum at the right position? Yes now they are. I had to move them after I added that body, which is made of some deformed balls, put together. :wink:








More of that stuff at this blogg: https://pepromusdesign.blogspot.com/


I also applied to 3D Technical High School, practical university or whatever it is called in this odd language, a few weeks ago, lets see if I can manage to get in but then I will most likely learn 3D Max. I do have high grades in Math, Swedish (Not top but high) and technoly (MAX top grade available in Technology by the way, I made a machine and handed in the prints) :wink:, so it should not be a problem. I do not know about the competition really... I will find out sooner or later. We get answer in June if I got in or not. I think 40 will be accepted.


What I do know is that noting is impossible, nothing... :wink: I do hope I will get enough money later on so I can make those 2 instruments for real. that is the goal. I love working with wood. Money for both tools and expensive special wood... Ordinare pine will only workd for the drums, but I need that Drum module for €200 and that Floyd Rose from China for the guitar. The wood for the guitar will be expensive. I will wire those 3 (rather 5) mics by hand with special thin copper wire for electric engines.


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Yes. Now I only need info if i came in as one course starts in 4 weeks already and I do not got an answer yet... :/ I just wrote to the school with stupid questions

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Stairs are made, new ones. I onlyy need to test them now... And remake a script inside the Display Room. I am making a Schedule right now for the 6th companion.

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