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Mod Requests: Essential NPCs, NPC Health Regen, Loot Highlight, Killfeed + More


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I want (edit: Eight) things:

1. A mod that makes named and non-respawning npcs essential, but checks and accounts for events, making them killable in event scenarios (and potentially by the player. For example, if the player attacks them they will be marked for death. This mark will not appear if the damage done by the player is minimal, to avoid friendly fire problems. But if the player is targetting that npc, they will be marked for death, so they can die from any source. Preferably this status will be removed over time, and a notification will appear when this happens.)

2. A mod that gives ALL npcs smart health regen. A slow regen that occurs outside of combat, to prolong the lives of NPCS. This mod should also regenerate crippled limbs over time. Basically, unless there is a reason for them to hurt, due to a quest line or an event, they will have the illusion of being autonomous actors, and the next time you meet them a couple hours later in game time, they will have regenerated their health pool and cured their ailments. The regeneration probably wouldn't be enough to really make a difference while you hang out within a certain cell, but it will make the npcs refreshed for any future engagements you have with them.

(An option to have a super regeneration and/or increased health for allies or "essential" npcs following the same criteria as the first mod I want, just so they don't fall in combat as often. Ideally both the regeneration and extra health would only apply to them if it's not the player attacking them, otherwise these features are disabled.)

Alternatively, if it is easier, simply exiting a cell or traveling could heal all npcs back to full health. I do not know if this would cause any issues with combat and npcs regenerating mid-battle if they crossed cell-lines. Anyone who makes the mod will probably have better knowledge and better discretion than I do.

Alternatively, if there was a mod that regenerated and healed npcs whenever you sleep, that would be cool too.

I already found a mod that allows you to heal and use items on NPCS, so I don't really need a new one I don't think.

Plus there are other ones that allow npcs to use aid items. I will need to test that out and see if it negatively or positively affects combat.

3. A mod that in the event that someone does die, I want to receive a death notification for everyone that dies, except for respawning, unnamed npcs. I want to open a log and see every named, non-respawning NPC that is currently dead, and ones that have recently died. The reasoning behind this is I don't want anyone dying without me noticing. I want to get both a notification that a non-respawning, unique npc died, and a log that shows all of them that did die, listing how recently they died. I just want to keep track of NPC deaths, and make sure no one dies without my knowledge. Because it sucks to have someone die, and then hours later you find their corpse.

4. The ability to set npcs as essential and nonessential (a mod that gives me a command, although that is a vanilla command so speak up if you know of any issues with using the vanilla command) would also be really nice, on top of what I already described. Just so I can pick up where mod makers may have missed, or apply these effects to mod-added npcs.

5. A mod that lets me perhaps equip an item or toggle a setting with a keybind that allows me to see an NPC's full health statistics. Current health, max health, crippled limbs, etc.

6. A mod that is either a keybind or an item that highlights nearby interactable and lootable items, similar to the survivor's sense from Dying Light.


7. A better quest log.

This would list all of the in-game quests and hidden quests that I can complete, which will be updated once I have completed them. This quest log would be able to tell me about every quest name in the game. It would be sorted based on ones that are active and inactive, and ones that are incompletable.

I found a reddit post asking for a similar product:


I want the ability to keep track and keep note of hidden quests. At the bare minimum, I want a quest log that is at least identical to the normal quest log, but for hidden quests. (Either a separate one, or incorporated into the default quest mod. Make sure that each hidden quest lets you know it is by default a hidden quest.) Also of course the ability to set hidden quests as your active quests along with receiving the quest markers you would associate with them. This mod would be compatible with 7. or at least 7. includes the functionality of 8.

8. has all the quests listed but organized in a UI friendly manner, mostly for completionists, and 7. is for people who prefer the mystery of coming across quests and are less of completionists but still want to be properly informed of the hidden quests.

If anyone knows about these mods and if they exist somewhere, let me know.

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