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[REQUEST] Please ffs somebody make private servers


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The poor connectivity, unnessessary and ineffectual DRM and the completely broken balance of PvP right now is driving me insane!

Private servers exist for Dark Souls 2 and 3, as well as for the original Demon's Souls. Elden Ring is in dire need of them. PvP and co-op are basically unplayable at this point. Hosting fight clubs is impossible, duels constantly plagued with poor netcode. Auto-summon systems for Hunting and the like are trash and fail almost on a coin-flip.


Can somebody please make private servers for this game!? I would pay actual cash money for the ability to just play this game in stable co-op with my husband - we're both playing on the same network with the same ISP with the fastest plan available, and do not expirience issues like this with other games, so these issues are not just a case of "get better internet". We played all three of the Dark Souls games together to 100% completion and are dying to add Elden Ring to our list, but we can't even make it to the end of a tiny dungeon without one of us being dropped or the game crashing or being invaded by some twinked-out yahoo running the same BS bleed build everybody in this game seems to be using.


I am straight up begging y'all here, please.

EDIT: Aparently LukeYui, the guy behind the multiplayer Sekiro mod, is already making an improved co-op system for this game so that's very promising. Check it out here if you have the same issues I do:

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