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W.I.P - The Stall - Player driven shop mod


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Lets make a player driven shop mod. It will no9t be easy. It will not be done in 2 weeks. It can take 2 years to complete. I do not know. I make this first post to see that I can add a new topic as that fails often these days. Replies works 100% I be back soon. *runs away and takes a short break*


Damn it worked :D

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There is a mod already doing this, no 2 mods. None of them have the right immersion The EF shop did had some issues that is now fixed.


Zaure is finally back. He read my posting about the string bloats and fixed them and uploaded an update for EF Shop.







I do have my own fixed version which contains destruction of all strings with sv_destruct but it also require 9 more mods to work as I added requirements to it before I fixed it. So stupid... Done is done...


Lets skip all bullsh*t and be short as possible in this first presentation.


I was contacted in PM by EmeraldLake and as he did misunderstood me in our dialogue, he asked me if I planned to make the Stall?? What stall? He sent me this link:



:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :pirate: :pirate: :sick: :laugh: :laugh: :cool: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:


WTF??? Damn... Thats so cool. I really wanna make this and implement it into Oblivion for Immersion and damn good RP. This is to good to be true. DAMN!!!!


So I also recalled later in our dialogue that i really made a shop November 2007 that is a form of the stall but it has an NPC merchant, my GF Mia is doing the voice acting and I made the meshes for the container/Stall and textures for all bloody smelling shoes. Pekkas BAB Items plus new facetextures as bonus at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)


Crazy Bettans shop






So what will be necessary to make and do to make this real?


This is what I want to debate with you that have ideas or really wanna use this. IDK which and I do not care... :wink: This will be damn fun to make no matter what but the journey will not be short and it will not be easy, not a walk in a bloody park. This will require all i know about scripting, 3D, 2D, packages, raking, moving stuff and containers, the Luggage - Yes a form of luggage for the player. I will explain later. Raking will be important - (NOT)


This is what we know so far from our PM dialogue.

  • A chest or really 2 chests as parents.
  • A Merchant that runs the shop while we explore dungeons
  • Customers (Will be very hard but will it? I do have some ideas to force them to the shop)
  • Skill gains in Mercantile and Speechcraft. A deal will take time to make. lets find a suitable constant for skill gaining. It can be easy in the start and hard when we are close to skill 100. Lets see how such a formula can be made
  • Different skill gain for different customers. Nobles tend to have a higher personality than commoners. Lets use the customers own Personality... It cannot be used directly if we have level offset checked as most NPC will than have skill 100 I fear. i do not know. Lets use the class as reference but I can test personality or mercantile as that is faster and easier. Edit: I did check some Imperials now. They are both lvl offset and normal, one was lvl 4. I think checking their skills is doable and it sure makes sense
  • Common dialogues, activated with a variable from a quest script
  • Common scanning of the surrounding in the same quest, to look for customers or rather TARGETS. Adding a package to them, forcing them to visit our stall, one by one.
  • Randomised haggling with OBSE RAND
  • Random selling from the chest with RAND
  • Final sale at 20:00 when the shop closes per auto, in case we are hunting in dungeons as players. I think max 30 items should be sold per auto but I am willing to debate anything between 5 up to 70000 items. Lets debate this. It must be immersive but also make sense and be practical. how many items will be stored inside a save game and bla bla etc etc.... :wink:

Where will we be able to setup the shop?


Anywhere we see fit. The goal is to make it portable. Backside is pathing so if a NPC gets stuck in it, cant pass or the stall do not fit, move it or hide it.


Salesperson? NPC?


Yes an Imperial girl as I did check this when i made my first merchants and merchant trainers. Which race and class has highest possible Speechcraft and mercantile skills? Imperials. We are also in Cyrodiil. Nords are funny toohonestly and it is a stall so why not? Does it matter? IDK... lets debate this.


2 chests?


Yes. The stall holds the stuff for sale. We should be able to reach that stall from all player homes. I think i have a suitable wall mesh for it really.

One chest will be connected to a database, an array, that records all items added to the chest for auto sell and auto sorting. You know I done a lot of that scripting as i did make a dynamic sorter spell that can sort anything from anywhere, even back and forth into a Black Hole and to the end of the Universe. These chests will be scripted and when you use them, the items will end up in a single chest that we add somewhere. Where? lets debate it. i do suggest a player home, maybe the small house at the Water Front for 2000 gold that is easy to access and buy early. The Anvil manor is cheap too, but require some in game actions first. We as merchants do really need somewhere to store our stuff we need to sell. It makes perfect sense to use our own homes. I could really build a warehouse too. Lets debate it in a dialogue here.


What else?


IDK? Common sense I guess? :wink: Lets stop here and now as my brain is cleaned out. I think I got all basics written down now and here in this single message. Lets start a dialogue and debate this mess now as that is all we can do for the next 2 to 8 weeks until I can start with this anyway. I will release some other stuff first before starting this in CS or write a single tiny script, edit one single texture as it has loads of them. I do think that stall has 6 to 10 textures that needs to be corrected. I do think they are 512 x 512 and those shoes has to be removed and exchanged to misc stuff, weapons or whatever we might add to the shop. The text at the top sign need to be changed but to what?


Shop name?


What in the name of Nirn call this shop? It do need to have a name, suitable name. The Tamriel Pawnshop? Well lets debate it. Chorrol Traders? Imperial High quality shop? The Shop? The Store? The office? Well you name it. I have not a single clue... :wink: Bravil merchendizes?

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Statistics? Is it possible with out strings? IDK. If we are forced to use them, we really need to be smart. Very smart.


Th ef Shop mod use items inside a chest to show statistics. Maybe we can add items into a chest too that is a proof that we did made money a specific day or a week. This needs to be investigated. MOO is creating custom scrolls that is added at the Notice boards in 8 towns. This is also described in this section as well. I think i should test this really and learn how to do it. i have used text input in MessaboxEX before. It cannot be much different to use it into an parchment really.


No matter what. Every single string used must be removed on each script with sv_destruct. It is described in OBSE documentation as well: OBSE Command Documentation (silverlock.org)


Hmm, So any ideas about using this from a script into a scroll`? OpenTextInput - The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki Am I thinking straight?


OBSE Command Documentation (silverlock.org)


Well lets see what I really want to achieve, the result. I want to be able to add statistics into a scroll. I may need to have a peek too maybe inside MOO but it is hard to really understand as it is call to functions everywhere. The right way to optimise scripts but it also makes them hard to read and follow as you have to open 6 scripts or more until you find the right one that tells you the stuff you look for in the first place and maybe you stumble over other interesting stuff on your journey. MOO adds text into a scroll in the players inventory, changes their relations with or against 8 different factions or more. MOO also have the ability to write some manuals about how to use MOO, in from the game. So it is there, the code I am needing. But it will take several weeks until I need to do this. The manuals that MOO makes describes the recipes for MOO crafting. It is the guides all crafter's will ever need. You need a pen, parchment and Ink to make them. Click the Quill and see what happens. You do use MOO right? If not, use it. MOO


If you know now how to do this, you will make it easier for me. if you do not, well it will not matter much but some, the time, I can really use for creativity instead, well if you do it. :D

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What kind of recipe do we really need honestly? I only need to know the sum of what has being sold a day in a time I also want to know what has been sold under one week. This info can be stored in an array. A MessageBox can have 9 buttons.

  • None
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • ...
  • Last week

We really do not need buttons. We need a MessageBoxEX "Monday %.0f %rTuesday %,0f%r", MondaySales, TuesdaySales ... Only shorts, no strings attached:


%r = New row or Line Feed, Carriage Return or Enter


A message will come 20:00 and the statistics can be called with a spell or a button inside the houses. A spell is most simple to make. Can be bought from that Imperial Salesman I mentioned earlier.

Different Strings

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So what should I exchange the shoes at the boxes with? :) Their are so many items to choose from. What is dropping mostly? What will you actually sell to merchants in normal game play? Make suggestions


I also did check several Imperials. The ones I did check was from lvl 4 and up. Maybe we can actually check their skills from the script and use it in the formulas for the trading exp and skill gaining. ( Added this to the initial post as well)

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I will really listen to the voice files I recorded with my GF Mia as Crazy Bettan and listen what she say, I have forgotten all about it and I do not remember really. if she say. Welcome to Crazy Bettan's shop, which i suspect than maybe I will be forced to use that name and make a Nord Salesman. Mia is a pure Nordic girl after all, a bit older but we all grow older anyway for each day that passes. Doesn't matter - Shes a Nord no matter from which side you look... But if she mention the shoes? Well we will sell common shoes... I will be back on this topic. It was cool she really did it as she hates games. An Imperial cannot be named Bettan as it is a Nordic nickname for Elisabeth. No one will ever call the English Queen for Bettan for sure... Not that she is an Roman Imperial, but Britain is the Empire... :wink: Lets see... Bettan come in and eat... I should name a dog Bettan. Bettan come here, have some candy... :wink:


I do not know in which shape those files are. I know which Microphone I did use and it was a very cheap analogue one. plugged into the Microphone plug. Today when i record myself singing, I use a better quality USB Condensator mic, well you know the kind of mic with 2 brass plates vibrating, not a paper that speakers usually has. Well NM as it will not be recorded again. But the new microphone rocks never the less. The point is that the quality is brittle - Voice acting was a hot topic back in 2006 - 2007 and so many hated it. i think it is very well done in a couple of mods, like the Knights Revelations and the Archaeology guild mod.


The mic sounds like this. Okay i added to much effects, but hey, it is a wet video and the voice is wet, like a wet moistened cave, filled with wet and cold walls that reflect the echo back... :wink: The thing is that the voice sound more filled so to say, than my first videos... Cannot be more than this I guess... Not in a simple digital studio.

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What is it on the crates, oohhh yes, the old BAB shoes. I have to remove them and add more original stuff from Oblivion, maybe some commoner shoes, a carrot a weapon and maybe helmet? I think it must be done in Blender. Well i sort that mess out in a an evening one grey day when it rains.

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I do think i can use her old voice files, my GF's Voice files. Crazy Bettan is Imperial so maybe I did knew about Imperial mercantile bonus already 2007.

So what is she saying?

-People think that I am Crazy when I travel around so much.
-Welcome to Crazy Bettan's shoe shop
-I sleep at Camps at nights and work between 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.
-I setup my shop at these cities and these days. (She mention all cities and which days she is there)
-If you want to know more. It is all in my advertising book.

So I did place her books at all 7 places she visits. I think i did choose 7 cities, all except IC. I think i can use all files as what she say does not matter much in reality. It is you that will be the shop owner. What she babbles about is no sense. I will put that in the document and description, that she is a bit out of her mind, does not always tell the trues, But we can send her to those spots really. As she do not need to be where the player setup his shop. Well she will come there if the player summon her as when the player leave the shop, someone must run it. lets see what this book looks like? I have forgotten really.


Not to bad. So she dress in that armor when she travels and ride between the cities, re dress at the city to traders clothes, open her shop, closes it at 8, put on the armor, go out to one of here camps, sets up the store there, not for shopping, but she has to place it somewhere while sleeping or barbecuing or whatever she does in the wilderness.

I did follow her, from start. I later almost forgot about her, so when i found her in game later during 2008 at her camps, by pure accident, I then really went impressed, as it all where and felt very immersive. She has 64 packages I read... Damn I do remember I was so damn tired of making packages. It felt like they would never end... Doing repeating simple stuff, can bore anyone to death. The good side of it, is that I had full control and knew what I was doing.

What about those shoes? Why did I made all this? Well everyone made new clothes for BAB during that period. No one made suitable shoes and that did bother me. We sure had shoes, but they did NOT fit. I am a perfectionist and I really dislike when stuff do not fit. Do I care today about these shoes and the dresses we made 15 years ago? No I do not. All my NPC and my game use original clothes, with HGEC body, normal C cup even, if that matters well it do not. It just look normal and keep me focus at normal game play, not watching nice dressed female NPC's with fancy sweaty smelling foot wears. Does female feet smell bad? yes if they are not washed... :wink: All feet can smell like danish cheese... Damn. :ohmy: :sick: I did not knew... :geek: :laugh: Damn bacteria's as it is those that make stuff smell bad... If you skip to clean your tongue, you will know what i talk about. It is those tiny microscopic stuff that smells. Producing methane gas constantly.

If you ever visited a sewer cleaning plants, the water plants, you will know what I talk about. The smell there is the strongest and most worse ill smelling stuff ever hit my big noose... :sick: I was at one 1998 last time. i never forget it. well i did also visit one 2017 in a small town called Lilla Edet, in the west Goth region of Sweden, but it did smell less or my noose is broken now. Maybe it is? I smoke to much... Goth? Well i do live in a town called Gothenburg. Everything here is called Goth something. Maybe it is from here the word came? IDK? The word is used for Germans as well so I really do not know where it comes from honestly. The Romans called them barbarians anyway. We did had a lot of common with German language anyway but during the Viking age, it was more like Norwegian, Icelandic and modern English. And it is still very similar to Norwegian as only a few words differs and we do say them a bit different, still same words and a trained ear will hear every old Scandinavian word. Even Danish. I can talk Swedish with every Norwegian I met, except from Stavanger as no one understand them. Not even the Norwegians them self. They do talk no sense at all.

I did tried to find a video where they talk Stavanger language but I did find this instead. Doesnt matter... :wink:

She did mention the Jante Law at point 7. That law rules all over Sweden as well. Do i follow it? I keep forgot not too... :wink: You see that here for sure... :wink: Otherwise what she say, also apply to Sweden, every single point :D So cool, I feel at home watching this video. It sure piss some off when we forget about the jante law, well hey, no ones perfect hey...

The original clothing Bethesda made did bother me 2007 as they are all very ugly really (are they really?). So I exchanged every female cloth in game with Canadian Ice's, Eshme, Elynda's, AlienSloof, Qarls stuff and I most likely forgot someone. They all looked better I thought back then. I also remember that it took me weeks to really do it. I will never do it again as I do not honestly care now as i accepted and also like how they look now anyway. So every female NPC in the game, used my shoes and I made shoes to fit every damn dress or robe that I used or was made by those players and modder's. I think it took me 2-3 months to make those bloody shoe textures. No wonder that file had 23000 views but only 1600 DLs, so it means at least 1600 players like and really used the BAB body and the dresses made for it and wanted fitting shoes for it as well :D There was so many different body types. The BAB body is really thin but I prefer that before fat bodies as that is not tasteful at all... Well not for me it is not. A healthy body is healthy no mater what. I am thin as a bloody nail myself, to thin really but i eat a lot. Where does all food I eat go? Why do I not get fat? I used to train in periods, very hard but that was long time ago now. I ate extra protein, soya protein. Did I grow? Well 10kg but the result was not that you could see it much anyway really. Well my body waste all bloody energy it suck up. that is the point now when we debate bodies. The shape... Do I really care? NO - :wink: Not as long as everything just look normal in game, I do not care at all... Good side is that I can eat as much candy I like in RL :D Well as long as I do not get any sugar sickness that is as I am getting old now. My dad got it when he was in my current age. i better be careful. :D

This is normal to me:

Appealing, that's the right word... It looks normal

Did all that stuff really fit inside a TES game really? No. I do not think so. The original clothes fits best if we take every item in game in count. It all fits together like one single unit.

What about weapons and armor? I do think all armours are to ugly for my char to use. i use Gigadeux armor. Which weapons do look best? The steel weapons. They are the weapons that looks most natural. When i see them, I reflect: What beautiful weapons. I also like the Morrowind style Dwemer weapons and always put them up here, so I can see them as fast as I enter the Display Room. My first sword I made 2004-5 did look a bit like Dwemer. I remember how it did look like. I can remake it at any point really. I will as a supplement. It will go very fast to make it.

Look at the lower right side. There they are, the original Dwemer weapons from 2004, implemented with both WAC and MOO. Maskar likes them too... :wink: The drop rate is low. When i ID them, most comes from MOO, well it does not matter really. WAC is so damn cool. They both works perfect together. Maskar made sure of that. He knows what he is doing for sure. Best scripter TES ever had, except for Wrye. Well there are many good ones but not everyone thinks about everything, Maskar do. Performance and stability and conflict avoidance. It cannot be made better... It has it all + cool stuff and also original Iron stuff, well weapons from Morrowind. I like those. Look at the upper right corner.

I think we see some here too? Well this is my Dwemer collection in Morrowind at my manor outside Suran. I love the Dwemer stuff so much. I will also make a Dwemer museum inside the Library but the door will only be visible if MOO and Dwemer Ruins will be installed. Side tracked, i know. It fits in this reply though. Maybe even a separate addon plugin. IDK yet... Future will tell. i cannot make addons for everything but for the stuff I like I will as long as I do not make them as requirements for the House it self.

My first Dwemer collection. the space was so limited that I had to add a separate floor in the manor just to be able to show off every Dwemer Item i could find in game. It is all loot from ruins in both screenies.


I should make a simple version of the shop to start with, that auto sell stuff for prices depending on players mercantile or just sell the stuff at a normal price. just to have something for EmeraldLake. i do have a sell barrel in the Display Room in my other WIP, that sell stuff 08:00 in every morning and we can auto sort wasted stuff to it that we want to sell fast. i do hate spending a lot of time cleaning my chars inventory after a visit to a dungeon., I loot everything, I am a stuff junkie.

My current WIP do have some Dwemer stuff. Dwemer lights and a Dwemer coffee machine

Dwemer coffee cups too: Shape fits perfect with all other Dwemer stuff :wink: 8 sides. Octagons...

Dwemer rocks. Why did bethesda not implement it in Oblivion. It does not matter really, we did it instead, did we not? :wink:

Dwemer book sorting machine

I also bet this librarian is a Dwemer in secret, but she say she is Altmer.

So ... Hmm... Well i should go and get working now, should I not? Instead of typing so much rubbish here? :wink:

Damn!!!! What is it behind the Librarian? Is it not ef Shop? yes it sure is :D

Make suggestions, give me ideas comment the stuff. Is it bad or good or disgusting? Anything. Like the bull fighter say to the bull in that old Disney Film, Hit me, Hit Me, do anything, stop smell the flowers. Do anything. Edited by Pellape
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I must also add now, when i did find this. Where it is explained: The difference between Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Vikings. This guy explains it so damn well and fun and he is extremely funny to listen too so take your time, while I mod and listen. What I did not know really was what the Swedes mostly did... he say they mostly did Lore, the old lore, the old religions and acted like a bunch of Hippies. :O Damn... I love the old lore. I love the old stories, written down approx 1280 by Snorre Sturlasson who was Icelandic Lawman that was also murdered but he visited Swedn and Norway mainly for researches for that book he did publish and that book is still damn good and base for ALL THIS + a few historians, a danish munch, a German munch one of them where named Saxo and ... Well draw your own conclusions really. if I do not post this now, I will forget about it. It willo fit here, as I build a shop with a Nord Salesman, acting like one. It fit. Snorre means ... Well what ye have betwen your legs in Swedish. I am not sure what it means in Icelandic really. We all laughed as kids when his name was mentioned. How can anyone be named Snorre (Penis)?? :D We laughed like small girls and the teacher was not amused.


-Stop laughing and pay attention. This is his name. STOP IT NOW or go out!!!


As you also know. I love the old Runes. The older is best and easiest to use as it has 24 signs, the newer has only 16 and is hard to use. I used this all over the place and at my frames for my paintings 2005 released in Morrowind and oblivion. The old runes? They are all here. i did make a font for them but it is gone. I cannot find it. I might remake it one day. That is why I managed to write so many runes. i used my own font.


Here is the runes. Everything you need to know about them ever really: Runes - Wikipedia It all fits together with that video as well. :D


Damn. I now did a google search for Runic fonts and found these: That will be useful for future projects


In the video a map is shown. I had to stop now to see if the name Goth was at that map. Yes. My area is in the south part of that map and it is named Gauti-Goth which i did not Know. Goth I knew, but WTF is Gauti? Gauti sounds like goat... :D Goat-Goth? NM that now. I watch the video myself now. i couldnt resist as it was long time ago now I saw it. :devil:


I know we did hate the Ostrogoth, we fought them all way up to 1200 century and even up to 1523, a civil war that lasted for 700 years almost or more as it might started earlier, back and forth and Sweden was not united until the year 1523, under the rule of King Gustav Vasa the I. Britains talks about the war of the Roses, that was nothing.... We had our war of the roses for a much longer period. So damn idiotic, but it was a bunch of mafia families really. Everone wanted the bloody power to rule and conquer everyone else. What about those ostrgoths? They are now called Östgötar in modern Swedish. they sound silly and they tried to fight west together with the Danes. Always the bloody Danes.... So if they did win, Swedish flag would been red and white as they used red colours in the east of Sweden. The Swedish flag is Blue and Yellow. It was made by a west goth, he saw 3 golden crowns in the sky, his name was Eric Ericsson I guess, called Holy Eric. The pope hated him and made him lawless. Did he care? Nope he did not. This is his invention: You see it at our hockey players and at our Swedish warplanes.


3 crowns is 3 parts of Sweden united under one single king. Eric Ericsson. he wanted to make a statement. I RULE HERE!!! YOU bunch of freaks. *burps*





The real Swedish flag? Well it came after Gustav I was king, he was not religious but his sons where. It does not matter. it is blue, with a yellow christian cross. I dislike Christianity and all religions really... The crosses in all European flags are christian crosses from the munch knights during the invasion of Palestine. The Holy Knights.... Damn murderers and anarchists. :D Red colours are cool, no doubt. When it comes to the heart, I like the blue flag.

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