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W.I.P - The Stall - Player driven shop mod


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Formulas, skills and Haggling


Okay!! Lets skip the bullsh*t I am making everywhere and see how we can build and make a formula for this Crazy Bettan, the Sales Person and for our self in the haggling process.


I was in bed, tried to take a nap but my head was spinning. I does that often really. It is there I do come up with the most craziest and odd theories, arguments and ideas. :D


We do have a couple of skills to play with and we also have 3-5 different levelling mods. Screw the levelling mods. I cannot take them into this complicated calculations anyway. Just look at the best one, if you use Ultimate Leveling by Maskar, you can set how to get Luck and there is many different other options you set in a single levelling mod, so forget about them all. Well honestly use it as it counts all skills, your Major for 100% and your Minor for 10% that will result in a level you set in the settings. Which max level do yo really want? I did set mine to 65 as that is really hard as it is. I did use lvl 50 when i played 2008 as I do recall I hard set all creatures to lvl 50 and forgot to really adjust weapon damage. SO me and my 5 companions I used 2008 really had a hard time in every dungeon. Now I play more balanced. I made a offset mod for it, still a WIP. very fun to use really.


Pekka, skip the bull. Make the bloody point.


The skills I wanna calculate with are following

  • Mercantile
  • Speechcraft
  • Luck

I am temped to also use Illusion as a skill and maybe even the players personality and willpower. Only mages needs willpower so... well Lets use 3 skills as that will be enough. Luck do not increase much in the Ultimate Levelling, not as high I want it to be. It is on auto, it also means I cannot do anything to change it as with that mod, you cannot add numbers to your Attributes. Honestly, do we do that in Oblivion? I think we do if we do not use mods like that one. I set it to skill levelling and auto up to lvl 65 and thats it... You can set Luck to find horse shows, shining horse shoes. Well i have other funnier stuff to do than search the game for those really...



Luck will decide if the player succeed in a haggling. We will compare the players Luck with the Customers, so if it is a lvl 4 customer it will be easy to get stuff sold. If a lvl offset NPC gets hooked up with lvl 1-3, it will get tougher. This will recuire some testing as I want the chance to fail a haggling to increase for each attempt the player tries it. This can be made with a chance to fail 2% or 5% each attemt. The RAND will be able to cut off the deal immediately or stop it anyway even at the beginning of a haggling. We can change Luck in standard game. If I try to modav luck, it will work for the standard player, but fail with Ultimate Leveling or will it? I think so. I can try to really increase luck with 0.1 every time it is used in a haggling and when we haggled 10 times, then I modav Luck and we see what happens. I can set it to either 0.1 or 0.01 or somewhere in between, maybe decrease it the higher we get here as wlell. I will never see this in action so I cannot try it in game. You have to do that or comment this.



Mercantile will set the base price used when the haggling is initiated. I want to compare the players Mercantile with the Customers. So if it is above it, we might even have a chance to pull of a higher price but remember, Luck can end the haggling. With a succeeded transaction, we will gain Mercantile. We need to set how much. I think we start at low level with high, and decrease the speed when we get closer to mastering.



Well at what procent should we initiate the haggling? I want to compare the players Speechcraft with the customers and if the number differ much, we will have the haggling procent increased. We should set a top maybe or should we? It might be funniest to see where we end before our luck runs out. Is it important if we can get a price OP? I do not think so. During this process we will gain some Speechcrafting


Training Bettan?

This will be done with MessageBoxes. It can be done with Dialogues as well but it is easier to have it done in a quest script so MessageBoxes, that is it.


So I havebeen thinking. You are the trainer, you should get paid to train. BUT... She is your tool, she runs the hop0 when you wanna do something else. Therefor: Training your employee will cost skil * 10, just as it cost to train your self. You will never be able to train her above your own skills. If your skills are modded which they will be if you run my HobbitHome as one example as if you do some stuff, it will impact on your skills. Slowly, but steady, if and when you figure out how.


So the auto selling of the stuff 20:00 will be done this way I guess. And it will all be calulated on Bettan, not you as the player. Wait. The one that runs the shop at 20:00 will be used as reference. If it is the player, the players skills and if it is set to auto, then we use bettans skills that most likely never will be over the players, but do we know that? Should we set her on level offset or a low level so we can have full control over her skill development?

  • Max 50 items Stack Size max 5
  • FullPrice * Mercantile / 100
  • Max Items * Luck / 100
  • Speechcraft? I do not know really. Lets skip it on autosell... ;)
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One single customer will visit a shop more times than one. Maybe they do want to buy an item, think it over, return and buy one more. Lets say a customer will visit the shop 3-5 times. Make a comment what ye think your self about this.


The customer gets to the shop when the quest scans the surroundings, storig the reference in a database. Lets say it is done with 12 seconds apart or MIN 3 seconds. You have to comment this. 12 seconds wait is really a long time if you sit and wait in game really trust me. i stood watching my bloody digital clock and 20s real time, 10 min in game, do feel long. Well thats 20s... 12 should be tested.


The NPC gets a package and movesto the shop. If the NPC is not at the shop within 20s, it will turn around, walk away, but then the package is added again, it turns around and spend 20s more to walk towards you. (Could add running into the package, always run - No, kills immersion).


The Npc will greet the player as we set that in package or in the script if possible. Needs to be tested but the player is on alert and will debate with the player. The customer set a variable to add dialogues to it self when scanned. The player will see the dialogue options and debate trading with the customer.


-Do you wanna see my nice wares? ( Which wares ;) )

-Yes please. Let me peek in your store to see if I can find anything interesting. i will be back soon.


The conversion ends and a message box pops up, preparing the haggling, show which item the RAND did choose, see the haggling % + price and the haggling starts.


So far so good, in theory. Now I will take a long bath, so I do not small like the sewer plant in Gothenburg Hising isle. I smell like horses dung. Damn bacterias, flies and thick socks. :sick:


I will be back. I will get more ideas in the bathtub... Scraping all the dirt off... Is it Saturday? No... Saturday in Swedish = Lördag, Lögardagen, the day the Viking took a sauna, cleaning himself. Well I am no Viking. A Sunday bath will be just fine, Thank you very much for that information. :D


Say thanks for the fish. /Douglas Adams

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Lets debate which type of customer that buys what. Will a beggar buy fancy stuff? We will attracted beggars when Scanning. 2 in each city and 1-2 in each cell in IC.


First of all. ef Shop is set to decrease the chance of selling a high priced item. I will not implement that as the percent of high priced items will be low if a player really adds all junk into the sell container. damn i wrote Procent everywhere, well the right English word is Percent



A beggar will buy food, ingredients and misc items. i do not think they should be able at all to buy Armour, weapons or even Clothing.



A commoner can buy anything but every 2nd time they visit the shop, they will choose Misc items or food or clothing. Every 2nd try they will be able to buy anything.



Well anything really. They will afford to buy what they want, no matter if they needs it or not.


Guards, Knights and fighters

Weapons and armor potions. They do need to poison their weapons and heal. Every 2nd time, any item.



Books, scrolls, ingredients and potions. I mage have use of all types of potions except poison. But can we filter out poison? IDK. Let them buy poison to use if they kill someone in secret. Let them exchange targets drinks with poison. I do not care.


Well i will find more classes or group the classes. The ef Shop mod as a reference has 4 types of customers, all 4 dressed exact the same and a cell holds 100 or so. That is not immersive really.


Will I add more customers? I think that is a good idea really. We see how it goes, and I could add maybe 5 customers per city, hiding in the player homes basements or something like that, a door sunken down through the floor or add such a door under the surface of the town. Disabling a door is a bad idea I guess. But hiding it, close to another door in game, like at the doors at the towers at the town walls, that will make these doors not so much viable at the map. I can even hide the door inside the towns walls. The Knights of Revelations have one door that goes to the players dream world in the beginning of the mod. I played that mod maybe 4 times now so I know. That door is most likely a miss, IDK, but it is in the Tome of the Crusader, the place where the body of the player is placed back in time, in the era of Saint Alessia. The beginning of the Empire. The end of the Ayleids. So damn well made.... But why is the door really there? You do not need a door to move the player from one cell to another. You do that with 2 functions. PlaceInCell or MoveTo.


There are so many classes and also player made classes. If we actually cannot find a class from the script, we allow that NPC to buy any items. We cannot ignore that char because we do not know what they really are. Hey, he is a customer, not a no one or not a nothing at all. A customer. :D Anything else I might have missed?


I really wanna get started with this. Damn my head is spinning....


presenting the stuff and price inside the MessageBoxEX is made direct from the reference or rather Object ID. It will be stored in a reference and we see the name with %n and the price as a short %.0f i do plan to limit the use of strings as low as possible

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So the gold... Where will it end up? Well maybe to the player direct when he runs the shop. I think that is fair.

Shen Bettan runs the shop the gold will be added to a chest or a lectern inside the player homes. 8 Lecterns connected to a parent lectern. IDK which player house each player will buy, do I? ;) I might even make an addon to the Hobbit Home. but I already made plenty of those, addons that is. I have to stop making more.

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Alternatively Speechcraft (and maybe Willpower) could be used to determine if the attempt to haggle is sucessful (or if the customer's attempt is resisted), Merchantile (and maybe Intelligence) could be used to determine how much the price has changed and Luck (and maybe Personality) for either an additional amount of septims or an extra sale. Using these attributes on top of skills favors mages so I'm not sure if it's a good idea except for Personality.


Beggars could occasionally buy cheap clothing too. Maybe a 0.1% chance for them to buy the most expensive item you have?

Nobles should have a low or zero chance to buy food, drinks and cheap clothing. For simplicity, have them not consider buying anything below a certain price since it's most likely items that they already have plenty of or easy access to.


The Imperial City has lots of potential customers but they are also spoiled for choice. They should get a bonus to haggling there.

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I talked with my GF about the recordings we made again and she is not interested in doing more. I think the ones we did will be enough again. I could not let this out of my mind. :D


Wel the way she speaks is soft and majestic and maybe that is why I sis choose to make her imperial. So an Imperial will be best. She does not talk the way the original Nord does. Lets listen to her and see her in action. She was Wonder Woman during the 70's which I have told ye before. But for does that missed it: She did the Nords and also the Orchs so she is the funny orch Mazoga the Knight


-Saaay. yes sir Knight Mazogha

-Yes Sir Knight Mazogha

-Yes, i like that.


Let me present Lynda Carter




Lynda Carter was married to a lawyer Robert E Altman, who was one of the founders of Zenimax Media. The former owner of ESO and Bethesda. Well it is a bit complicated that mess, but MS owns it all now, at least Bethesda's. I really do not care. i like Lynda Carter :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynda_Carter and she is so damn cool and good looking. Does she look like an Orch? Yes she really does. :D


She ended up in Oblivion because her husband asked her to do it. They did look for a suitable actor and she agreed to do it. She ended up making both Orcs and Nord's, because the space of the DVD disc where filled, they could not fit in separate voice files for every single race., They had to shrink it down. Are we not lucky as she is so damn brilliant?

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-So what should I exchange the shoes at the boxes with?

One icon for weapons, one for armor, one for potions and one for misc items. I think that's what most players would try to sell.


Yes i do that, As the textures are able to have real stuff added to them I will take some screenshots of weapons inside CS, full light on, as that makes them look best when added later at the stall. I take some simple items too an Iron helmet or whatever, copying the viable Object into the stall and make it static. A book cover? Well we need to get the shop in game first, so i can make a new screenshot for a book cover. The book can be put in some places to attract customers, with some fun info. Welcome to the stall or whatever. Iron weapons, some purple flasks. Well it can be done fast as I wrote earlier. if we peek at how the shoes where added to the stall, it has the CS grey original background, Deleting the shoes will be a walk in a park. :D

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Alternatively Speechcraft (and maybe Willpower) could be used to determine if the attempt to haggle is sucessful (or if the customer's attempt is resisted), Merchantile (and maybe Intelligence) could be used to determine how much the price has changed and Luck (and maybe Personality) for either an additional amount of septims or an extra sale. Using these attributes on top of skills favors mages so I'm not sure if it's a good idea except for Personality.

You have good points here. I think willpower can decrease the time it takes for the quest to scan and set a new target. A trader might be a fighter so i am not sure willpower is good to use in haggling. Backside with the default leveling system is that the player set the attributes wrong for this mod to be fun for them but we can change the attributes slowly for the player if he use default. So which skills uses Willpower? Alteration, Restoration and Destruction. None of these has anything to do with haggling, but lets say, it is above 80, it will help the player to get a slight benefit for haggling. What ye think?


The attribute Luck has no skills at all attached to it. It is an attribute I did increase a lot manually with the default levelling system and a way for me to increase the levels as well. Luck has nothing to do what happens if we loot a body or container. Luck is a part of everything but hardest attribute to lay your hands on, well to grip or understand. What the UESP say about luck is that it can have some impact on the betting system at the arena, It will have some impact in the players ability to hit stuff and similar. I do know that my chars works great in game with high luck. I do think my current char has 78 and that is high. I will be back on that.


The Personality is a result of Speechcraft and Mercantile. But okay, the default system can allow the player to actually skip adding points to it, like I did, I added the points to Luck first and did that up to skill 100 my first play through. If we add max pints to an attribute and reaches level 100 to fast, we are screwed if I recall right. That is the players max level and I did anything to keep the level low, that is how I calculated it in my head. :wink:


levels... Hmm, taste that word... It tastes like rotten eggs :D Skills and attributes rocks.


Beggars could occasionally buy cheap clothing too. Maybe a 0.1% chance for them to buy the most expensive item you have?

Yes, I agree completely. I can easy do a price check. backside is that i did edit the prices myself, increased the price at some clothes but not over 30 gold. Well the cheap stuff is somehrere between 5 to 15 gold at my setup. So would 15 gold be an acceptable price top for a beggar? Or 10?


Nobles should have a low or zero chance to buy food, drinks and cheap clothing. For simplicity, have them not consider buying anything below a certain price since it's most likely items that they already have plenty of or easy access to.

True. I will peek at the standard Oblivion.esm what price is set for Upper Clothes as that is what they will buy. When it comes to weapons and armour? Should the MIN be set to 100 or 200 gold?


The Imperial City has lots of potential customers but they are also spoiled for choice. They should get a bonus to haggling there.

Very good idea. With they, you mean the customers? The higher their Speechcraft is, the more the player will gain in Speechcraft but will get limted by his current Scheechcraft, the new gaining that is. It needs to be balanced. When i did check the classes, Nobles, Commoners, Farmers, Bards, Merchants has a high personality. I think beggars are under Commoners as they do not have their own class at least. They are so few, so I can check their names, well Object ID. There is a quest available for beggars that starts at the Temple District, a master trainer quest.


Tandilwe wants you to speak with each of the nineteen beggars in Cyrodiil.


So 19 beggars to add, that is nothing really. :D

In game today: We gain most from the Master Mercant trainer and gain Mercantile fastest by haggling with the master. I do think it is the same with Sheechcraft, but it might check the targets personality. It is easy to get high disposition with a specific group and much harder with another. I do think Nobles, farmers, bards, commoners and merchants has the biggest personality when i took a quick peek at the classes. So should we treat them all the same, well except the 19 beggars of course. A bard will be ruff really to debate or argue with. They will make your head to spin if they want to. Their speciality is really to get what they want to achieve with their sharp tongue. :D


To sum it up. Attributes will be able to have an impact as the player control them when the level up in a normal game play. So lets compare the players attributes with the customers. We can also let Personality have an impact on the final auto sell of what is left in the chest when set top auto, by then let Bettan's attributes have an impact.


Another thing that just hit my head is. When we set a NPC to level offset, we cannot change their stats with the base settings at all. i never seen a NPC that can withstand modav but, damn... I did set my staff to offset I think in my personal ef Shop ... I did stressed it. They hate my pets. I do check their disposition against others but I fail to check the staff with my check disposition spell I made to be sure something is going on.


It is best to let Bettan start low level - No level offset, to not lock any possibilities to let her gain real skill points. ModAv changed from a script, can only be hanged somewhere else with a script and I have seen this on my pets. Lets look at options to allow her to gain real skills if possible. Well the only funtion I know that really can do it is: AdvancePCSkill and it can only be used at the player. Is this really a problem? Well honestly not. We will change the players real base skills though. Will we ever mod the players skills. Well to be able to sell the stuff from the player chest or stall by auto, I think we need to in some way be able to really get above skill 100 and we can do that with ModAv. If the player wants to rest the modAv Settings, well then we can do that by checking the base skill with Getav - GetBaseActorValue and we get what value was changed with ModAv, but a ForceModAv can be used from another mod according to the wiki, and that will cause some s***.


If we use ModAV then every time it is used must be recorded and stored in a array or even better with just shorts in a quest script really or even floats as that is what they really are. Still ModAv is so weird if many other mods changes it too... We can end up in a mess using it on the player if we are unlucky. That other mod will for sure, not ours :D


To avoid a potential mess: AdvancePCSkill is the only function that should be used on the player really. Lets keep this simple and only ply with the base value. When we set the base value up a skill point, we can never go down again, It is set in stone and only way to remove it so load a new save. Wee should not be scared by doing it as then we make this whole idea teeth-less, well not pointless but I really wanna gain Speechcraft and Mercantile when trading. So we increase those 2 base skills only for the player. Not modding them and honestly, I do not think anyone will have any objections when they do use the mod. But I must have full knowledge as the scripter what the hell i am doing or choose to do and what the actual effect will be.


When it comes to the NPC Bettan, we can do what we want with her. We can change her level, her attributes and skills from a script if she is on a normal levelling. So should she be able to gain above skill 100 in the primary skills she will use? Yes I really think so. It will be up to the player to decide if he want a Over Powered Salesperson or not as it is just gold we debate now, how much gold will we gain when she is activated.


I do have one thing on my mind about attributes and levels and that is how the MOD Ultimate Levelling really deals with it. I do think Maskar use AdvancPCSkill for the real skillups in game and make a some simple calculations for the attributes base but I seen it go up and down, well modded actually. We do have items that temporary changes the skills in that mod. like runes.... But also scrolls. But if we remove the runes, the level can go down so ... Well i stop there for this session. We should debate it.


We do have another way of solving the max price as this is what it is all about really. How we can set the max price. We can cheat it if we do not wanna be able to set a skill to 120 or 150 but honestly... Ultimate levelling is doing that with Power Scrolls, 3 for each skill or 4. Some of mu skills are extremely high because of the power scrolls :D And that is nothing I want to change. Maybe I only make a storm in a glass of water with all this babbling really. Nothing else


To get the full picture of the original mod I need to:

Play it in Skyrim, I can do that in 2 weeks from now.

Read every damn detail about the mod in the description and in the document if it has one but honestly, Such a mod will have a big documentation.... ;) Something else would be nuts really. That type of modder really know what they are doing and takes everything in count. Look at MOO, that document, the PDF that Maskar includes is 100 pages.

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Pekka. Think staright. What is it that really worries you?


I do guess that playing with some of the skill functions really is broken. I also saw that at the CS Wiki. They do not say it is broken, only that it act different in Console and in scripts. Well some of these commands really do.


Changing Skills - Issues


First of all. I should stop worry about what other modders might or not do. This mod is only about how to make gold, a lot, to much or to low, really do not matter at all. It is nothing but gold. It will have no other impact on anything else, just gold.


This is what I have found out by testing skill changes in Oblivion many times, and it does not act as we really think it does as my experience and real tests made my head to spin. The thing I did try from the console make no sense but to finally let it make sense, I will read about every damn skill function in CS wiki and weight them. Why is there so many different ones for skill changes, for OBSE? Yes, honestly why? I bet many have asked the same questions? I bet it is because it is broken really, which is my speculation and suspicion. No one say it out loud so far what I have seen.


Lets make a in game test. Make a save game in case you screw it up. And lets play with the Attribute Speed. We do not know if the NPC we test is set to Level Offset or not but that can be checked in CS. We can check everything and make new conclusions, if I am out in the blue, making a storm in a water glass.


Choose an NPC that is on the move, not a companion, but someone that is walking. A WAC traveller on the road perhaps? A walking guard in the city? I use this on NPC, that I am forced to follow as it bores me when they are slow. I want action. Lets do this on the second in command in FG Chorrol. We have to follow him from Leyawin to an Ayleid ruin in the end of the FG questline.

  1. Open the console and click him and type
  2. modav speed 500

He will fly away, with his base speed + 500, so far so good. Do it again. WTF? he returns to his normal speed... We did lost the 500 bonus


Do it again. he now runs in 500 + his base speed.


Do it again - WTF? Where did the extra 500 go? He now only use his base skill


WTF - Solutions? :ohmy:


So how do we control this? With simple math. To be sure that we get this to work properly to avoid any sh*it in game, we store this values in separate variables, short or even floats really, to use them as references.


IF - So many IF - Still.


There is to many IF right now. Only way to sort this out is now to read everything about changing skills in Oblivion. Something is broken, and I want full control. I do not like when un expecting stuff like this occurs. I do like when I see Unexpected AI in work, that is anarhistic and fun. But skills is serious and very important for the players game play and development. I do not want it to act in any other way then we want it too and I really do not want to make other players unhappy, changing their skills to something that they did not expect. :wink: It must work perfect.


If this and if this - If not the word if did exist, I would not type all this rantings and babbling's. :D


What have I done to really control this for my pet companions?


I check their speed and energy. I do not want them to be to fast, nor to slow. Using modav even from the scripts, does not act the way I think it acts or works. So to adjust them to av acceptable level, I use a similar way like this:

If ( SPEED > 60 )
    ModAv speed -5
ElseIf ( SPEED < 30 )
    ModAv SPEED 5

I made an easy to read example. SPEED does not exist but lets pretend it is a variable made by me. :D


So the pets will in the end, really have a speed between 30 to 60, most likely 35 or 55. Which does not matter really in the reality. What matters is that it works.


Speculation about the player skills


So if we use modav 2 times in a row to change the players SpeechCraft. What will happen in game? I do not know, not after all these weird results from my in game tests. I do use it in game at the HobbitHome for test. If you talk to an NPC, he will give you a tip of the day, mod the players skills with 1 from his highest skill. It is up to the player to decide if he wanna talk to them about this. So far so good, it really works.


So before we release this mod at all, we have to beta test it, to see that it does NOT screw up the players skills. We do not want any of these skills to get below what the player did had, before even starting haggling or sell stuff.


IF - Yes IF - If I did not seen this behaviour from the console, I would not even write this ranting or babbling. If I had not seen it, it would never even been a problem or issue at all. Oblivion is so damn weird and odd. This must be broken, a bug. We can control it. We can get the full values and adjust them properly with math. My rule number one is - Nothing is impossible - So lets follow that rule. :smile:


Why fiddling with skills at all?


The whole point with this mod is to make it fun and less pointless for the player to find an alternative way to gain Speechcraft and Mercantile and also to gain some gold. I will use this mod for sure. I will not worry about odd skills behavior really. As the formulas will make double testing and weighting in behind the scene, in my scripts and present the results in console and with the ConScribe mod, so we can get full logs. ConScribe is heaven sent. Best mod I used to really see all s*** that happens inside a script while debugging it. Stuff do not act in game the way we really expect it to. That is the bold facts. This is Oblivion.


Anything else?


Yes. SetAv seems totally broken. Well it does not work at all, the times I tried it. Not from the console at least. That command need to be tested from a script until I speculate more about it. No more speculations about it until I know all about it, specially if until I find out what the real issue with it really is.


What I will do now is to go back to the wiki, read all I can about skills. The tips and comments are made by players that did test it. Their conclusions and ways to solve it works in game. Damn s*** game... :wink:

Damn bethesda, Damn Oblivion - It is so damn fun still, so bloody cool but broken game... :D


What do I know so far about NPC's?


I know that we have not one but 2 ways to lock the skills.

  • Set skill calculations to Auto
  • Set Level offset -> Forces skill calculation into Auto mode

What about the player object in CS? This is a dangerous one to fiddle with I guess :D I did change the face, to a face that appeals me and that is the face I get as soon as I start a new game. So if we can change the bloody face, we can actually change everything ... This is not part of this WIP at all, just a conclusion I made. Just a silly point, that's all. :D Damn game..




What about the face and Blockhead? Well this is a bonus only, have nothing to do with this WIP at all but... The face I made in CS, on the player NPC, without Blockhead and OCO2 loaded, I got this result with OCO2 and Blockhead + OnaTops Face texture. I saved it to a separate stand alone esp, with noting else. So it is Wax on, Wax off, like Karate Kid. Turn on the mod or turn it off. Simple as that.



In game it looks a bit different. better I guess really. But not the same as in ShowRaceMenu addon. Do never use the built in Showracemenu, what ever you do...


So this is the final char, fast made, easy to get running if the game screw up. :D No need for generating a new, just adjust some levels of shadows, lips and eyes.



Next step is really to add the major sklills I am using, But it does not matter much for the time to get this char in game fast. What does take longest time, is to generate an appealing face, as that sux.

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Skill Gaining


I have been thinking about what is a proper skill gaining, that will not make this mod Overpowered. There are other ways to gain skills, Master trainers. if you use my other mod later, you will have access to 25 Master trainers anyway or 27 or whatever. They do cover every skill, so this is not an issue. Selling and speech crafting is easy to gain, no doubt.


So lets keep this hard. Every transaction and succeeded speechcrafting, haggling will give the player

1 / SkillLevel

So if the player had skill level 25, it will require 25 successful attempts to gain a whole skillpoint.

And if the player had skill level 92, it will require 92 successful attempts to gain a whole skillpoint.

And if the player had skill level 5, it will require 5 successful attempts to gain a whole skillpoint.

If the player choose to have mercantile or Speechcraft as their major skills, they will start at 25 but otherwise at 5.
Personally I do not care if the player has these skills as Major or Minor skills. if anyone objects and want it to be harder to gain these skills will require more code.
But we can do it like this if the skill is Minor. I will use brackets to make it viable, as brackets between / and * is pointless but not if we use + - * / then it makes more sense.
1 / ( SkillLevel * 2 )

This will make it take double time or double as many attempts for the Minor player to gain or we can go half way.

1 / ( SkillLevel * 1.5 )

We will store these values as floats. We could use shorts too, if we take that value * 100 or even * 1000 as that does not matter, when we reach 1 skill point, the player will Achieve a pure and true skill point. I will use floats.


If we peek at the CS, the x y z coordinates, they can be set x.0000 but in reality, it truncates the 2 last ones. I do not think we should go below 0.01 in the hardest skill gain, that is 1 / 100 and if we need to go to 0.005, we need to take all values * 1000 so when when player reaches 1000 PlayerPoints in a skill, then he will gain a single skillpoint.


So what is a short, Long and a float? They are the same, just illusions. All are used with the FPU and short and Long is nothing else then truncated floats :D Kat did inform us about this, the xOBSE beta tester and support girl if recall right :D She assist with answering xOBSE questions and bugreports for xOBSE. Never Mind that... It is not important, nor where we got the info from. Forget it... :wink: As long as we have full control, we will do this so damn good.

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