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Heya everyone

As we've recently received the Collections, which can be found on https://next.nexusmods.com/fallout4/collections there are a great many collections available for you to choose from!
But as it is with life and gaming, preferences are highly individual, so are available storage, bandwith, mod slots and whatnot....
What I'm refering to is that not everyone wants a load order of 200+ mandatory mods.
This has brought me to the idea of using a Modular approach to collections, where each module serves a specific and focused task or preference.
The end-goal I want to achieve is that everybody can get a highly modded game of their liking, while beeing able to switch between preferences, and not have a bunch of mods they dont want to use, but are forced to anyway, just because they are part of a 200+ modlist.
In order to achieve this, I want to ask you, fellow community member, to join this effort and share specialized Modules of mods that you love and play with!
However, before we start, please make sure you have set up Vortex as good as possible, check this ->> steam guide <<- of mine.
Each module should consider the following:
  • Be as minimalistic as possible (mod count & filesize wise)
  • while providing "enough" varied options
  • Handle depencies (see below)
  • Handle DLC (see below)
  • Handle Language (see below)
  • Handle NSFW taged content (see below)
  • other
  • Be fair!
Be Minimalistic
For very obvious reasons, the fewer mods you have, the smaller the module remains, and the less incompatabilities may ocour.
Also, consider other - already existing - modules to build upon / to add later.
However, some tasks require more mods than others.
Provide enough varied options
This statement is mostly on clothing mods.
If you like 4k clothings, consider creating a collection that only adds 4k clothings, likewise for 2k - not everyone has the same machine.
Furthermore, as hard-requirements (to be installed), one should prefer mods that offer choices but do NOT overwrite defaults.
So while one may include "replacers", weapon, clothes, textures within a suitable collection, those should not be "required", unless the collection is labled/named "overhaul".
Module 20 - Synth Overhaul
Module 40 - Warhammer 40k (ok this one is not named overhaul, but it should be clear that it is implied)
Handle dependencies
Basicly, add the patches, and make the tweak mods optional.
Some mod conflict with each other, without raising a conflict message in Vortex (example: some LooksMenu mods / options are not shown when in wrong order)
Be sure to drag+drop the symbol of the first mod to the second mod so they are loaded properly (do NOT use hard slot number, this can and will cause issues in the long run)
Handle DLC / Language
While one should always use the "Same Installer Option", the exception to this rule are mods that allow for DLC / Language configuration, for which you should choose "Fresh Install" - while providing any possible steps in the "About" section of your collection.
Because if you do not, not everybody has all DLCs, or can speak german, chinese, russian or wants to play with english texts 😉
If there is just a small DLC related mod, it can be included, but MUST be made optional, as it might otherwise causes the module to be unplayable for users without that DLC.
Handle NSFW
While there are mods that are flagged NSFW, it is my believe, that just because someone wants to have a customized body, they might not want skimpy clothing.
So please consider doing seperate modules focused on NSFW taged mods.
This said, there are exception, like - but not limited to, Heather Casdin - which has an optional mod to enable nudity for her - such a mod (specialy since both are provided by the same author: llamaRCA) should/can be included in the same collection, but MUST be optional.
Just like stated within "Provide enough varied options", make sure that replacers are optional, unless the collection is labeled as an "overhaul".
About / Description
While in most cases only the first few mods require manual steps, one might come across mods that are added "later", that do need manual tweaking as well.
Make sure that manual steps are as "high" as possible within the description text - at the very least, make a note on top that one has to follow manual steps one finds after scrolling down.
Also, make sure to give a special note to optional mods, describing them.
As well giving instructions on some required mods, as in, where to find that NPC/Weapon that is beeing added, or where that quest begins.
Stay fair!
Allthough Vortex allows for direct downloads, just because on can, does not mean one should.
For every other website that one has to login in order to download, you should tell the user to create an account there in advance.
Other websites, just like Nexus, might rely on the ad revenue in order to maintain their servers and storage space - which otherwise is free to use.
This specialy applies to mod that are available on pages like Patreon - but are not hidden behind a paywall! Respect and honor that!
Special note for Collection-Curators
  1. If you have had to setup your computer again from ground up, or got a new one, just download your collection, hit that "Clone" button that appears after installation or use the drop-down you find on the right hand side of the collection edit screen. After that, you can delete the "Downloaded Collection" and the "Workshop" (which is cloned) will be kept. (Source: Discord "Next")
If you want to join me on my discord click here: 
--> https://discord.gg/jvsQcGE <--
If you have made a modular collection for Fallout 4, please post its URL as reply to this thread.
Thank you 😄
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Template for the "About" tab:

# [Modules:]()
Modules are small and specialized mod-collections that aim to be interchangeable to tweak your per-game preferences.

If you are new to collections, specialy module collections, please read the [FAQ](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/#entry109070853) first!

## Required:
* [Module ?](link)

## Recomended:
* [Module ?](link)

## Conflicts:
* [Module ?](link)

## Available Modules
* [Modules by Sephrajin](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/?p=108834603)
* [Modules by other curators](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/?p=109070193)
* [Recomended Setup](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/#entry109070628)


# [Description:]()
Descriptional text, purpose and / or goals of this collection


# [Manual Steps:]()
What we do here

* Step 1
    * Step 1.1


# [Optionals:]()
* ModName 1 :: Information


# [Notes:]()
Where does one find XY.

Or some other notes. 


# [For module curators:]()
* [Info / Guidelines](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/?p=108834448)
* [Template](https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/11390578-collection-modules/#entry108834548)
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Available Collection Modules:


This first part focuses on the modules I have created, as they are designed to work well with each other and are tested with several hours of gameplay for each one.

This said, I want to include everything that can be used with the Modular Approach, made by anyone, so, if you created something, please reply below and I'll add it to the list.

(Statement, I wanted to make this a Wiki, so other curators could add their content themself, but staff told me to keep it as a forum post until it becomes 'an issue', we'll see how this will work out)



Core Manuals (Category: Essential)


These modules install mods that do require manual steps, to verify everything later is "one click" (where possible).
They contain F4SE, ENB, FallUI and their according settings. (TODO: FallUI - Item Sorter - Settings)
Pick any of these core groups, as they cover all the manual steps you will have to do, ever (as in once, unless you change it)
The Weather module can be skiped, allthough it is highly recomended for a better overall visual experience of Fallout 4.
Core (default, recomended, best ENB for Institue plays)
Weather (alternative, requires higher hardware demands, but looks better)
Re-Texture (Category: Miscellaneous)
For years I was thinking that I cannot use Retexture packs with my old GTX 970, I cannot speak for older cards, and yes, loading times are increased, but heck, it so worth it!
Never again I'll play without either of these.
Good looking and small: (use this for every FullHD / 1080p screen / resolution gameplay! 4 GB Vram minimal, 8 GB Vram recomended)
Nature Overhaul (Water, Landscape, Trees, Gras -- Green nature! Avoid if you want to preserve the Wasteland feel! Check your VRAM usage before installing this)
Body n' stuff (Category: Themed or Miscellaneous)
Bodyslide is available via Module 1 - Tools
Also any Module Core/Essential is required for F4SE.
Benefits from beeing the oldest available body mod, most clothes are designed for this, which results in many more native clothing mods.
Fusion Girl:
Looks smoother and works slightly better with additional animations, but many clothing mods require additional mods (slider conversions) to work properly.
Looks Menu:
Requires any Module Core.
Luckly this is body independant (CBBE, FG, AB and others), and allows for great ingame customisation and adjustment.
A "must have" if you play with any body mod!
Companions, Settlers & NPCs (Category: Vanilla Plus)
Specialized stuff (Category: Themed)
Overhauls (Category: Complete Overhaul)

Please be aware that for overhauls, usualy only ONE can be active!

If you enable more than ONE Overhaul, things usualy turn out... bad...


Droped / No longer supported / Managed

Collections that I no longer manage or have droped support.

Reasons can be: obsolete (merged module), stable + size (too big)

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Other Curators:
Core Essentials
Companions, Settlers & NPCs
Clothing and Weapons

Sim Settlements 2



* Enemies got skills - grab skills // by wolfdwarf // 1.2 MB // https://next.nexusmods.com/fallout4/collections/d7nprv

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Recomended Setups


As I have - what I came to belive - a mid-range computer, I'll use this as example to differ between the 2 setups offered here.

While all modules 10 and higher are absolutly optional, the modules most depending on your hardware are the ones from 0 to 4.

Keep in mind, the more mods you have installed, the more demanding it is for your system, no matter how "memory saving" or "performance friendly" they might be individualy.



However, if you go for bigger overhauls, please read into those description wether or not the retexture ones listed below are applicable.

For example, if you're going to use the FalLore 4 modules, you'll get a seperate landscape, thus, Module 2 + 3 are not recomended.

Still, for a general gameplay, I stand by with these suggestions.


My Computer:

CPU:  i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (from 2017)
RAM:  16 GB 
GPU:  GTX 3060 TI ; 8 GB VRAM


Low/er-End (equal or worse than a GTX 970)



High-End (better than a RTX 3060 Ti - aka actualy playing on a 4k screen/resolution on Ultra with 120+ FPS)


My Setup: (with a RTX 3060 Ti, this is like the "minimal" mod setup for me ; 2024.03.21)

"One profile" I use with the modules above and 2 not listed on this page (very NSFW variants, only available by following the trails).

"Another profile" I use with the module sabove and below.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

First things First

  • Before installing any mods or collections,
    • Create a new profile in Vortex (if you do not know how to enable profiles or have not installed Vortex yet at all, pelase see my SteamGuide)
    • Set its settings to use its own savegame directory
    • Enable that new and thus empty profile
    • This will alone avoid more than 50% of all possible issues/troubles
    • And yes, this means to start a new savegame
  • Make sure to do so for each and every mod/module combination
  • Install only the module collections
  • Allthough possible to install to another profile, make sure the active one is the one you want the collection installed to
    • If they do not load properly (usualy only the very first time after downloading them)
      • Disable all modules (and select to apply for all according mods on the dialog window)
      • Deploy
      • Re-Enable those modules (stay aware for any conflicting mods, such as body, NPC replacers, or start skipers)
      • Deploy
      • Test again
  • This should fix an additional ~25% of issues upon first experience, so we've fixed about 75% of all possible issues at this poin
  • Once you have verified that the modules workl
  • You can now install any other mods that you might like, one by one
    • Please be aware that I cannot - and will not - support mods outside of the collection (see 2. Mods -> 3. Gazzilion)




  • When I start/load the game, but I have an infinite loading screen?
    • Is it a blackscreen?
      • Wait a few more seconds and hit ENTER - multiple times (up to 10 times), there are probably dialog menus shown behind the black layer.
      • If you're using NAC X with Reactor, did you follow the manual steps instructions? - aka did you disable the black screen and saved the settings?
    • Is it the one with "hints" and "objects"?
      • Please see: First Things First
      • If you've done so, check your most recently added mods outside of the collection, they might have their very own install and/or loadorder instructions
  • Mods
    • It seems that a mod is missing
      • Just disable and re-enable the according module (and all its dependencies), this can happen on a fresh/first installation.
      • As an "off - chance" check the plugins, they should be enabled.
    • I have a mod conflict!!!! Sephrajin, you didnt take care!!
      • Read the description / "About" section again!
        • I stated that there can be only one body replacer (FG or CBBE - and related clothing modules) - and those for the followers - they are optional - pick one!
        • I stated that you should only choose 1 weather mod, the one according to module 0 of your choice. - the conflicting module is specificly listed as such, both in the according Module 0 and Modue 4. (read: NAC X with NAC X, or the other 2)
        • There is "SSK Fast Start" and "Start Me Up", enable only one (or none) of those, as they do provide a different approach on starting - which is why they are optional!
    • I have installed a gazzilion additional other mods, it does not work, your collection sucks!
      • Because there are hundreds of thousends different mods, I cannot cover each and every single complication of every mod everywhere available - it is impossible!
        First try any combination of my modules (be aware of mentioned conflicts!), and then add - one by one - those mods you want.
      • So if you do report issues, please make sure you have (had) no other mods installed aside of the collection modules!
  • Other
    • TODO
Edited by Sephrajin
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  • 4 weeks later...

Might I make a suggestion? Perhaps a module containing quest add-ons, like Tales from the Commonwealth, Depravity, Outcasts and Remnants....those sort of things?

Thanks for the suggestion,I'll consider this for - after my FO4 burnout.

All I was doing for the last/previous 4-5 months was creating/managing/adjusting these collections - so i do need a little break from creating/managing collections.


Noone stops you from creating it yourself ;)

Right from the bat, I know (remember) that at least 2 good and big story mods are not compatible with eachother.

So there are/will be multiple story-collections as well, and what about those story mods that are compatible with those 2 that are not, should they be a 3rd story collection?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sephrajin great work. Been trying to get your "Your Setup". Few hurdles. Is there a way to adjust the interior lighting? I've looked and can't really find anything to do that on FO4. Just a little too dark for me. Appreciate all the hard work you have put into this

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Sephrajin great work. Been trying to get your "Your Setup". Few hurdles. Is there a way to adjust the interior lighting? I've looked and can't really find anything to do that on FO4. Just a little too dark for me. Appreciate all the hard work you have put into this

Hi davegm, thanks for your feedback!


Try recalibtrating the ENB (shift+enter) so you can recognize (well, read) the "Reactor" text in the field. (See the according screenshot on Module 0 - Nac X)


If you already had done so "for best adjustment" during the initial setup, you could use the ingame holotope and reduce darkness for nights and interior.

You should find said Holotape under "Aid".


Other than that, I've chosen Nac X for its more realistic appearance, incl darkness on interiors (like Vaults without light), for my taste its "bright" enough for - say - Sanctuary interiors during a sunny day.

But I do like - and want that - I have to use the Pip-Boy lights, because without this mod, I often walk through the night or buildings without power/lights, without the need of a flashlight (keep <tab> pressed for like 2 seconds).

On a last note, do not mix NacX with DarkerNights, thought this has no effect on interiors during the day.


Hope this helps, if not, you might prefer the Module 0 - Poseidon more - as it does not darken interiors as much as NAC X.

Have a nice sunday.

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