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[Weapon request] [Grenades] Weather changing grenades


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A request for weather changing grenades. When a throwable weather grenade explodes it will keep the preferred weather for 60 ingame minutes.


Overall grenade stats:

Value: 5,000

Weight: 0.0

Range: 255

Accuracy: 0


Ingame names / player-buff effects:


Rain Grenades - Upon explosion makes the skies rain for 60 minutes.

"Relax to some nice chill rain akin to that of a waterfall"


Heavy Rain Grenades - Upon explosion releases a heavy thunderstorm for 60 minutes.

"The bane of L4D2 players everywhere"


Radstorm Grenades - Upon explosion releases a regular radstorm for 60 minutes.

"You remembered to get your RAD-X sunscream, right?"


Heavy Rain Radstorm Grenades - Upon explosion, releases an heavy downpour radstorm for 60 minutes that is as dangerous as the wet ponds of the glowing sea.

"Hope you have radiation cleaning installed."


Clear Weather Grenades - Upon explosion clears / resets the skies for 60 minutes.

"We can lend you our voice, but only you can open the way..."


Overcast Grenades - Upon explosion creates an overcast for 60 minutes.

"Overcast with MrBluSkys. Down the avenue."


Pollution Grenades - Upon explosion; Invokes irradiated Pollution Weather for 60 minutes.

"And that is how, it came to be, after 2 long centuries, that in the name of human greed, the industrial revolution fixed everything for you and me." - Voltaire


Snow grenades - Upon explosion; makes it snow for 60 minutes.

"Darling. When I go? Bury me 6 feet in snow" - Rick Montgomery



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