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before the game dies out


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we have so much enemies walking around aimlessly, just bots undeserving of our android moves, if its possible to add amoungus skins, surely we can add other type of andriods that would walk around like somewhat more lively android city? also maybe change the environment up abit, this games combat is unrivalled in all rpg games and well the ass is asstounding so before the game runs dry going ultra instinct on avarage joes, let the modding community revamp this game and make it not so droopy and gloomy and add some diversity flora and fauna, with some kind of elven houses in those trees hugging the sky scrapers, drop some cyberpunk aesthetics into that buildings, more enemy spawns, after the many endings its the andriods repopulate the earth as their mission intended to be. imagine skyrim mods but better

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