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RAD Bink: Downsizing the resolution of a video


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Open RAD Video Tools (or Bink 2 Tools for Unreal, depending on which version you have) >> press Bink it! >> on the Bink Compresson window >> under Input Video Settings >> add your Width and Height values under Scaling Type (in the two boxes above "Odd lines"). I haven't downscaled bk2 videos, only cropped so I might be wrong..


For additional info, open cmd in the folder where the tool's .exe is located and type "radvideo64.exe bink", or "Bink2ForUnreal.exe bink2c". Both lines open the info panel of the bink compressor.


Here's the compressor's settings from the developer's site, see "Frame Scaling (resizing)".


Edit: sorry, I haven't seen this post is from May.. :)

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