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[MOD REQUEST] Make all enemies respawn.


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There's a number of tough and/or memorable fights that I'd love to be able to relive any time, or perhaps use for practice. Say I'm trying to get used to a new weapon, and wanna challenge myself against a Crucible Knight, or a particular boss several times in a row.


Maybe this could be handled in-game with two reusable items, or incantations with no stat requirements;


- Using/casting "Ancient Rite of Reanimation" will revive all non-respawning enemies in your save-game that have already been killed.


- "Lesser Rite of Reanimation" will revive any non-respawning enemies within a certain radius from the player [maybe tied to the nearest Grace or Stake of Marika, since you typically find those near tough fights], and can be used in cases where you want to fight a particular enemy again for runes or practice, but don't want this to affect every other enemy/boss.


Is this possible? I could care less what you call it, or if it has to be handled in a less immersive fashion. But yeah. Respawning bosses without starting a new file/NG+. I'd love it if someone made something like this.

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