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[Modrequest /Modideas from me]


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Hello, thank you for reading this.

As the Title says, this is a Request/Idea Topic, where i wish to search for a Modder or Modders willing and/or interested in giving

my Thoughts form in Subnautica. I am of Course willing to talk about Compensation, should that be relevant to you.


I will begin with Ideas i consider relativly small, just to see if somebody would be even see this.



A Topsided Hatch for the Cyclops. Just a simple Way to enter the Big Boy under the Submarines

from Above, in addition to the Hatch on it´s Underside.



A charging Rack for Seaglides. Just something simple to mount onto any Wall where you can put your Seaglide and it gets charged

up while your Inventory gains 6 more Spaces. I think up to 3 Seaglides should be placable per Rack, so that it is/would be Multiplayerproof.



Enameled Glass Corridor Segments. Also a very simple Idea, just make the Glasssegments as their re-enforced Titanium Counterparts.




That would be it for now. If you happen to be interested in taking one of these on, please post AND Message me, so i can edit this Post accordingly.

Once again, thank you for reading this, and have a nice Day.

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