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I've always thought the carriages in Skyrim were a bit unrealistic. Basically, they are just open freight wagons with benches. Here is a link to a museum replica of an actual Roman carriage that seems much more appropriate to the game. The era is right, since the Imperials are basically styled after the Romans. https://www.flickr.com/photos/carolemage/8115677525/in/set-72157631834403779 I would love for someone to make a replacer mod that replaced the vanilla and Hearthfire carriages with an enclosed carriage based off an authentic carriage of a similar era in the real world. If you search for images of medieval carriages, you will find this basic style persisted until the Renaissance, except for royal coaches. Note the side door. Research indicates that prisoner carriages were of the type shown in the game, except they had bar cages on top. Entering from the rear was typical of prisoner transport wagons. Carriages for hire were mostly like the one in the picture, with some variations in materials, like fabric or leather roof and sides on wood frames. Given the weather in the game, I think the one pictured in the link would be best. My web search revealed a number of 3-D models of the Roman style, but with more rustic wood. Most of the 3-D models were done for mods in other games. Maybe one of the creators would give permission to use an existing model. Anyway, hope someone picks up this project. You would freeze to death in an open wagon in most of Skyrim, and maybe your character would in survival mode.

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