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Poor Vahlok needs a Mask.


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Poor Vahlok is the only Dragon Priest who does not have a mask. What I find most strange about this is the fact that he defeated Miraak in battle. Miraak certainly had a Mask to boost his power so I find it hard to believe Vahlok didnt have one during that fight.


I think it would be nice for him to have one. What Im thinking is he would have a recolour of a Solsteim mask. The other 3 masks boost one magical element and give resistance to the same element. Vahloks could boost all magic schools and give Magic Resistance. Now since it covers all magic the level would be less than the other masks so as not to be over powered. I think this would make sense as it would explain how he was powerful enough to defeat Miraak in a magical battle.


I know there is a Vahlok mask in Legacy of the Dragonborn but a lot of people, like me, dont use Legacy as its just too much. Kohnarik's Accoutrements also has one but again that mod can be a bit much for most players. I could not find any other mod which gave him a mask.


So that's it, that's my little idea for a mod. Hopefully it will peek someone's interest yes :yes:

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