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dlc texture problems


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I don't know if this is the right forum section for this or I should have put this into the creation kit & modding section but until someone says otherwise I'll just start here first.


here's my problem, I'm using Blackshadow's underground hideout mod along with my custom texture mod and everything is working well except for one thing, the vault propaganda posters like the taking your meds and the surface can't hurt you posters. I looked around and found a texture mod that had vault posters in the base game so I gutted the mod for a moment just to see if those were the right textures I needed before making my own version, it was not the ones I needed. I then realized it's the vault-tec workshop posters so I looked around and was surprised to see zero mods on here that have the textures, so I copyed and gutted the official dlc texture ba2 that was in my data folder and for some bloody reason it was non-existence in there as well. Cue a thorough two hours search on the web later and I'm banging my head on my table in frustration.


Short version: Does anyone and I mean anyone know where I can find the textures files I need to replace those vault-tec workshop propaganda posters?

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Heyas Bat.

TBH, I really hate the way that bethesda did some of those posters. I was gonna use some of them for a mod of my own, and the ones I was gonna use are actually two different pieces that get sewn together when added to the world.

Did you try finding the posters that you are looking for in the CK, or Xedit? That would at least give you the filename of the graphic that it's using.


Once you have those, CTRL + F while in the folder, is your friend :)

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