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Is There a Mod Which Lets You Edit Guard Skill-Based Comments About You?


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I want a mod where the player is capable of editing and choosing how people, particularly guards, comment on them.


For example, if you are playing a good guy, you might want to disable the lines about you sneaking around or pickpocketing. "Hands to yourself sneak-thief." Is not very fitting at all, even if you do play as a bad guy because how the game is structured you are going to be a hero regardless of who you want to RP as. But I guess people are capable of just ignoring that for the sake of roleplaying a character and pushing the whole "savior of skyrim" thing out of mind for the character they want to pretend to be.


I just want the agency to edit this at my own discretion with a mod menu or an item or something. Does anyone know of a mod like this?

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