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[Request] Cloud to Sephiroth Swap


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I have what is already a popular mod request -- to swap Cloud's Model for Sephiroth. A mod does exist to swap Cloud for Seph aesthetically, but crashes for combat and actions Seph has no animations for ie climbing, etc

I'd love to be able to actually play/fight while looking like him, but I'm sure if it were simple or the appearance could just be mapped/meshed over him easily it would be done already... so maybe it's worth requesting here again. (Bonus points if mods that change Sephiroth's appearance change your playable character too).

THAT SAID... I'm fairly sure a Sephiroth model that's easier to swap and/or has more animations will probably release with a future FFVIIR update, esp if :spoiler: You play as him for a while during the Niblehiem flashback like in the original :/spoiler: --but I guess I'm just impatient with the lack of news and all.

Thanks to anyone who attempts it or has info on why it doesn't already exist!

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