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I/O Error (21) after doing a Data Migration


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I first received this error after I did a Data Migration to a new SSD using Samsungs Magician app



This is the Second Error, which I received on older version of Vortex by downgrading



These are my Drives- Vortex and my modded games are stored on my J: drive and my mods are stored on my G: drive



My question being how do I remove this error? Ive took a gander in Vortex settings, some Vortex files, and in regedit looking for records of vortex and the D: drive with no luck.

My games work fine so far, it seems to just be trying to read an incorrect path and giving a pesky error


Thanks in advance,


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It is not clear from your description, but the following rules apply:

1) It does not matter where Vortex is installed

2) It does not matter where your Downloads archive directory is

3) Mod staging directory must be on the same drive as it's game.


I don't know how the Samsung Data Migration works, but if it does a Windows deep copy, all you hard links were converted to actual copies of the mods.

Always Purge from Vortex before moving a game directory. After the move, a simple Deploy fixes it all up.

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what version of vortex did you have, then what version did you downgrade to, and why?

also what is error(21)?


ok google search revealed this; https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/windows-fix/fix-the-device-is-not-ready-in-windows.html


i'd suggest this isn't a vortex issue although downgrading vortex may give you other issues once you fix your disks.

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I found an installer in my appdata (AppData\Roaming\Vortex\__update__\vortex-setup-0.18.6.exe) and ran it to see if it would "refresh" the drives it is trying to access, which it didnt, so I immediately updated back to most recent (which is also named vortex-setup-0.18.6.exe). I did not take note of which version was installed after "downgrading"


Im certain that this issue does not stem from just Vortex itself, but for some reason it decided to swap the drive letters I guess and its trying to look into my disk drive.

I believe all I would have to do to fix this is change the D:\ to any of my other drives.

I just cant find out where to go to change it.

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If I were to guess, if you did a copy of your D:\ drive onto a C:\ the registry is now completely borked for some apps.


That error appears to be trying to find your Steam install. I would suggest reinstalling Steam over the top of what you have now to try and repair the paths.

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My bad, about not being so clear, The Acer B: drive was originally my C: Drive, I recently installed an 870 evo ssd and transferred everything from original C: drive to the new C: 870 evo ssd. Everything went okay with the transfer. I may have moved around my sata cables on my motherboard because I had to use the Disk management tool to re assign 2 of my external hdds.


This is probably one of the most bizarre encounters ive had with windows trying to access files lol

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