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How to add waterfalls


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I´m trying to create a new farm map for myself, cause the one I found had all something missing to my playstyle.


It was going quite well until I wantet to add a few waterfalls to the map. I looked at alle the tilesheets form the original content, but I couldnt quite find the tiles needed. I´m sure I´m overlooking something, so maybe, some of you could point me into the right direction - this would be great.


I know i´ts kind of stupid to ask such a thing - but I really cant find it.


Thank you in advance. :happy:

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Hi! The game doesn't have waterfalls, but Daisyniko's Tilesheets adds them.



To use the mod's tilesheets:


1. In your manifest, add the mod as requirement.

2. Do the same that's done for vanilla tilesheets:

2.1 Copy the tilesheets you'll use to the map's folder.

2.2 When you're done with your map, remove the .pngs

When launching the game, the tilesheets are added automatically


The author states in permissions to not redistribute (aka don't leave the .pngs in your mod), so keep in mind adding it as dependency is obligatory.


(If you're still confused, the wiki explains in more detail)

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