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Direct x + Skse Loader + Enb problems


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Ok this one's a doosey. I recently installed the bf4 beta and the direct x update was bundled with it. After I installed it I played some bf4 and after a while I decided to play some skyrim. So I run the game with the "skse_ loader.exe". As the game starts to run I notice that the ENB text is not displayed in the top left corner and thought nothing of it and continued to launch the game. While the loading screen comes up the weapon that you can move around is incapsulated in a smaller box that is around half the size of my screen and a box in the top right corner of my screen duplicates the weapon. As i get into the game the same thing happens to the entire screen, so i quit out and try reinstalling the enb. On my second try, I get to the loading screen and the same thing happens but shortly crashes 3 seconds in. So I install the injector verson of enb instead of the wraper and run the "ENBInjector.exe" and then launch the original skyrim exe and I get some text in the top right of the screen but it does not resemble words but just blocky shapes, but I still continue to play and as i load in I am greeted by some funky colours. When i zoom out it is fine but when I go into first person or try to walk around it's all messed up. I then close "ENBInjector.exe" and try running it again and now it keeps crashing when I start up.

Thanks for your time. =D

http://puu.sh/4MoLy.jpg < when zoomed out

http://puu.sh/4MoQ3.jpg < when zoomed in

http://puu.sh/4MoQR.jpg < when enb want's to work (only shows up when ENBInjector.exe is present)

http://puu.sh/4MoRG.jpg < box problem

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