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[Request] Combine Elden Arts, Sakura Arts, & Mortal Deathblow


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All three of these mods are amazing, and thankfully Elden Arts' latest update has an optional merging it, and Sakura Arts together, but I can't stop thinking about how Mortal Deathblow fits almost perfectly with the very flashy style these other 2 mods have, and how it would feel right at home if they were merged.

I don't like asking for requests often, but I'm obviously not very mod-savvy, or else I wouldn't be here, and I'm 300% sure I'm far from being the only one who'd love to see all of these together.

Otherwise, I'd love to learn of a way that I could at least try and do it myself, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. :smile:

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