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I am kind of new to using Vortex and this forum. I apologize for any mistakes in advance, please let me know what I have to change for this post to work.


Yesterday I installed Vortex to download a collection - A Storywealth - for Fallout 4. I wasn't able to finish downloading/installing all the mods. Today I am continuing, but noticed that the collection was updated 2 hours ago. What does this mean for the collection? Does it update automatically? I really want the latest version, do I need to uninstall/reinstall the collection? I'd really rather not.


I would really appreciate any answer.


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Vortex will continue to install the revision you started downloading, however, if you click "Update" in the "Added Collections" view it will update the newest revision and download those files. Any mods from the old version that still exist in the new one will not need to be reinstalled.

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