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Vortex Setup


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Hello everyone


This is just a quick guide on how to set up the Vortex mod manager by NexusMods.

Please note that this guide is based on my hardware setup and according to my preferences which I recomend for the use with Collections.



First notes:

Vortex works best if it is located on the same disk as your games are - for me, that is drive E:

So, with Vortex beeing installed on E: (any drive that is NOT C:\), I do recomend to download the Vortex (custom install location), however if you do have a hughe drive C:, where all your games are installed, going for the default application (Vortex) in which case you can keep all default values, and jump directly to the Set Up section, while ignoring the path changes.

The Custom Install Location installation, keeps Vortex working even when you have to reinstall Windows (though there is one step required, taking care of that later), while Vortex updates itself (restart) whenever required.


Download it here: Link




So, lets prepare/create some folders:

  • E:\Vortex
  • E:\Vortex\-Manager
  • E:\Vortex\-Tools




Now install Vortex into the directory:

  • E:\Vortex\-Manager



Set Up:

Before we add any games to Vortex, we should set up some basic things.


  1. First we need to decide wether we use Per-User or Shared, as this completly resets Vortex.

    If you are the only person using this computer, it does not matter at all, but if you share this computer, it is highly recomend to select "Per User".
    If you changed the mode, you will need to restart Vortex now.
  2. We need to enable Profiles:
  3. Set the mod staging dir to: "E:\Vortex\Games\{game}\Stage", this will collect all game-data under the directory, "Games".
  4. We can keep the download directory quite simple: E:\Vortex\Downloads
  5. You can now customize the appearance to your liking in the "Theme" tab.
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