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Using assets from modder's resource or permitted mods.

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Hey all !!

Ive been using assets from other mods and some modder's resources in my latest mod...

The question is securing independence from those other mods when im done.


What i do...

Basically ive unpacked all the assets into their intended folders for example where modders resources are concerned.(data/meshes /textures /materials etc.

In the case of other mods (with permission) ..I have them installed and selected in the CK along with all other masters.(those with archives are also unpacked into the game folders so i can manipulate anything i need )

In the CK i basically find what i need then duplicate and rename the object/asset and use it...

If it needs editing like swaps i use what i have in the game folders.


Now the question...

So far ive seen that when loading CK and NOT selecting those mod"s i still see the used objects in my mod(duplicated versions) and when selecting my plugin when loading i dont see those other mods in the list.

Does this mean that im OK ? Are the objects independent ?


When i pack the mod (create archive) will the ck find the new objects ,create file paths and folders etc. ?


Im asking all this because ive never used assets outside of the vanilla and DLC's before

Also will any texture swaps be also archived ?

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