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Shivering Isles Query


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Hi all,


I have the GOTY version of Oblivion and I still LOVE playing it. I am now planning to create 2 versions of my current character. One based solely in Cyrodiil and the other only in the Shivering Isles. To achieve this, can I leave the DLC Shivering Isles mod turned off, until I have completed the main Cyrodiil quest, then turn on the DLC Shivering Isles mod later so that I can go there, or do I have to have the DLC Shivering Isles mod turned on at the start and turn it off later for my Cyrodiil-based character?



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Installing the Shivering Isles replaces Oblivion.esm with the SI version. I think to do what you are looking for you would need to not install the Shivering Isles until after you have completed the main quest (and I'm not sure if an install option like that exists for the GotY version).


Similar to what you are asking for can be achieved though ... that's how my current guy did things.


I used SM DLC Plugin Refurbish for the other GotY DLCs plus VCI Shivering Start (using the Champion of Cyrodiil option) to control when the various DLCs started. Note that in my case I had an old version of SM DLC Refurbish (been playing my character's load order since back in 2014). The older way of doing things in SM DLC Refurbish is still available via the XX Individual Legacy Plugins folder in the extracted download.


Using my method the only caveat is that I needed to delete the LOD file that you can use to hide the SI island when I wanted to start the SI quest and if you went for a swim and got close to the SI island you would of course see it (plus there are a few LOD trees you'll see briefly if you know where to look as you head south from Bravil).


- Edit - Another option (but one that came along too late for my load order) is A Strange Door. I've worked with Surilindur (formerly Contrathetix) testing on a couple of mods but my load order was at the 'locked in' state before A Strange Door was released. The LOD file from VCI could still be used as it's a manual deletion to get the normal SI island LOD back.

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