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Any mods that make game harder and resources more scarce?


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I played through the game on the hardest diff (survivor ++ I think it was) some months back and while it was enjoyable it was way to easy. I also felt like I had resources pouring out of my ears at all time. I would like to do another playthrough at some point, but I would like things to be brutually hard and that you really had to go out of your way to go on "scavange hunts" to get some resources. Is there any mods or possible to make such mods?


Also I would like to balance some things like having fuel be more realistic and not deplete as fast and also it would be cooler if you had to sippon fuel from crashed cars and not just having full fueltanks and gas stations everywhere.

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Hi! Here are some mods that make the game harder:








You could also not take the Carry That Weight perk, as well as the one that increases carried ammo.

I also saw a mod that prevented all supplies from respawning, but it was part of a larger collection of changes ¿Days Guns, maybe?


Hope that helps!


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