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Mephiles' Ballad (Betrüger)


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Held as three, foist thy victory

Betwixt moon blaze and lead gaze

Doth I be, a requiem of a misery


A world I phase, pestilence rays

Disease smothers the many others

Mine hand to raze, thy eye grays


Morning, brothers; Remove covers

Blow the horn, in the early morn

Womb of mothers gets no druthers


Past, of chains born, of a thorn

Desire amaranthine, shadow sheen

Terra I scorn in an hour forlorn


Present, crystalline to pristine

Soon in a dream of crimson theme

I be, of green, a black one agin


Future, scream in a horrid steam

Choked, thy airs; Fed, my flares

I am supreme and grow thy stream


Ultimate power ensnares who errs

Maddening rings upon the strings

Ruination impairs those unawares

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