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I could use your help! - Additional war asset mod [ME3]


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This is a longshot,


After contacting a few modders, with no luck I am posting my plee and request in the forums. Myself, I have no idea how to mod. Would I love to learn it. Sure do.


Currently I am playing mass effect 1. Lore wise, this is where it all started. I noticed when I started playing ME1 there are a lot of characters / ships / and locations not being mentioned in either Me3 as a possible war asset. The same with the additional mods. With the help of the community and you I would to change that. for me personaly, just naming and seeing the possible war asset pop up is a big enjoyement. It don't have to be a big asset, just a more addition towards the end goal. A lot of this names are being mentioned in either ME1 - ME2


Below me I made a small list, still working on it, adjusting it and fine tuning.


Please let me know how you feel about it.



Eden Prime
cole farmer - eden prime
powel farmer - eden prime
Dr. Warren and assistent Manuel - eden prime scientists
Officer Eddie Lang
Detective Chellick
expat - volus merchant
Saphyria - Asari Receptionist
Samesh Bhatia is the husband of Nirali Bhatia, an Alliance marine who served and died on Eden Prime. he opend a restaurant in mass effect 2
Jahleed - Volus Scientist
Doran is the volus owner, cook, and bartender of the Flux nightclub
Delanynder - hanar merchant
Morlan is a salarian merchant
Nelyna is an acolyte of the asari Consort Sha'ira is a well-known and influential asari
Chorban is a self-proclaimed salarian scientist
Jax is a krogan arms dealer on the Citadel
Garoth - Council Petitioner
Private Fredricks - alliance soldier part of the normandy's crew
Major Kyle - Major Kyle is a former Alliance officer (father Kyle)
Alliance advanced drone
Lieutenant Marie Durand is the acting commander of the 14th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Alliance 10th Frontier Division
Durand listing post
Bring back the sky
Kate Bowman is an engineer on Asteroid X57.
Simon Atwell, the chief engineer on Asteroid X57
Charn is Balak's batarian second-in-command during the attack on Asteroid X57.
Pinnacle station:
Admiral Tadius Ahern - station commander
Tech Specialist Ochren
Sergeant Dahga
Guard Captain Vidinos
Khel Burrum (krogan competitor)
Lieutenant Bryant (human competitor)
Gavin Hossle is a human freelance scientist working for ExoGeni Corporation on Feros.
Ethan Jeong is an ExoGeni Corporation representative on Feros
Juliana Baynham is an ExoGeni Corporation scientist
Dr. Elizabeth "Lizbeth" Baynham is an ExoGeni Corporation scientist on Feros
Dr. Ross ExoGeni Corporation scientist
Opold is a hanar shopkeeper in the Port Hanshan Plaza
Captain Maeko Matsuo is the human head of the ERCS security forces at Port Hanshan, on Noveria
Gianna Parasini is the human secretary to Administrator Anoleis at Port Hanshan, on Noveria in 2183.
Administrator Bel Anoleis (full name Rannadril Ghan Swa Fulsoom Karaten Narr Eadi Bel Anoleis) is the salarian in charge of Noveria's Port Hanshan
Mallene Calis - a representative of the Armali Council on Noveria
Lorik Qui'in is the manager of the Synthetic Insights Noveria branch
Rafael Vargas, a salesman for Binary Helix
Lilihierax - is a turian shuttle mechanic at Port Hanshan on Noveria,
Mira - VI
Han Olar is a volus scientist at Peak 15's Rift Station
Dr. Palon is a toxicologist working at Noveria's Rift Station
Petozi is an elcor at Rift Station, on Noveria's Peak 15. He runs a small kiosk and can sell Commander Shepard some basic equipment and supplies
Dr. Zev Cohen is a microbiologist at Noveria's Peak 15
Chairman Burn - Chairman Martin Burns is head of the Alliance Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies
Geth turret
Geth Rocket Trooper
Geth Sniper
Geth Destroyer
Geth Hunter
Geth Recon Drone
Geth Colossus
Geth Hopper (Stalker/Sapper/Ghost)
MSV Worthingston
MSV Cornucopia
MSV Ontario


ME2 and a few bits and pieces of me1 will follow.


If you want to help out and work with me on the project. Please let me know!







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im guessing this for og mass ffect

This is a possible mass effect 3 war asset mod. Assets are known material from the first mass effect game and not being included in the both base and legendary me3 edition.

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