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Clearing caves and underground forts by proxy


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Been playing a lot of Oblivion lately but since I really don't feel like re-doing the main quest I've hit on something else that's been giving me a lot of laughs. First of all it involves using the console, plus cheating is involved (playing in god mode) Using the commands; Player.PlaceAtMe 0008699E and 0008699F I call up however many Ogre's and Trolls I think safe and turn them loose. Nothing is funnier than watching an ogre or troll charge unsuspecting marauders or bandits hedge wizards or goblins. One thing though, you have to be ready to hit that KILL switch (kill) on the ogre or troll it they are not killed . It's also a good idea to be in invisible mode and your back up against a wall. Another technique (if you are running one of the crowded roads mods) is to perch on top of a high rock overlooking a road and whenever a traveler appears, create an ogre or troll. I'm telling you I've laughed myself sick at some of the situations I've seen.

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