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Lost 'Transfer Save Games' Button v 1.6.0 Pre-release


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Just updated Vortex and now the 'Transfer Save Games' button is missing from the lefthand menu. I use that button often when testing mods. It saves time by allowing me to avoid a new game start whenever I need to test. All profiles I make have their own save games and game settings.


If someone could point me in the right direction to restore it, I would be most grateful. Something similar functionally can be done using Windows Explorer, but it will be very awkward.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Also, the keyboard shortcut described in the knowledge base to open the save games directory does not work for me. It does nothing. The Save Game ID does not appear under the Action column, either.


The game I am referring to is Fallout 4 but I have the same problems when switching to Skyrim Special Edition.

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My [mostly related, as there are far more bugs going on than the saved games going awol] question is, why was 1.6.0 BETA pushed out to all users?

the answer is - it wasn't.

my question in return is - if you don't want beta software which to no suprise to anyone can contain bugs (hence beta), then why are you subscribed to the beta channel?

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Everyone, thanks for the prompt replies. The reason I signed up for beta versions was so I could test Collections. Glad to do it. Been working with Vortex since it was alpha.


But since I no longer play Bethesda games without mods, my next question is: 'How close is version 1.6.1 to release?' If it is going to be a while, there are other games to play until it's ready.


And finally: 'Do Collections work with the Stable release of Vortex?' If so, could I just downgrade to the Stable version, right?

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