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Players Horses inside Interior Space


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Hey Everybody:), Recently I've picked up the Sailing Ships mod where I really *Can sail around Tamriel the only issue so far is my Horses. The ship so far is in Anvil but Ultimatly my destination is Leyawiin then Imperial City exploring points between. The problem is my horses, Naturally they cant go inside however I have not found any Mods for this and the.... commands I've found do summon horses into the new cargo deck space but those are generic; not actually "My Horses" (Pride, Glory). I'm wondering if anybody knows a way or if this venture is even possible. I'd rather not have to leave them behind to gather them later on and move them up to Chorrol when I finally make it home. I already know the actual Donkey can do this but so far, nothing for horses.


Is this even Possible?

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It can happen and did happen for me twice now but not my horses, as it was the BTA horses from my mod. When they are riding and hunt their targets, they do not always dismount in time, so the horse gets in with them. The first horse did follow me indoors after I attacked it by mistake, so I thought, going indoors would solve it, but no way. I had to kill it first and it is essential, but it calmed down after ressing again.






This horse, followed a BTA agent inside my workshop, as they where hunting someone that escaped inside the workshop, after riding from Anvil.




  1. Open the console and click the horse
  2. Close the console
  3. Go Outdoors
  4. Open the console and type
  5. moveto player

If a creatures Intelligence is under 30, they shouldn't act like this. These horses are war horses and leveled offset, so I guess their Intelligence is very high, which is the only explanation I can come up with as companion creatures with lower Intelligence will not follow you through doors and if that is a MOO specific or not, I cannot tell.


They fight very good really, which I show off here: :D I release this mod today, so keep an eye at new mods later, I will only finish one more video first, narrate it as it is recorded already.



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You can upload the screenshots to either Nexus or to flickr as I do. https://www.flickr.com/


Either click the picture icon above the editor or just add your path to the screenshot between


The forum it self cannot store the screenshots. I guess nexus has no limits to how many screenshots you will be able to add really. But if you add them at nexus, like here: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/myaccount?tab=images just right click at the screenshot, click Link Adress, and add the url here between

[img= (here) ]

, like this:


and it will look like this:



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Well try it as I cannot open the screenshot that you did provide. Access Denide. Upload it to the Nexus site, that is easiest as you already have an account here. Right click it and add the link here. :) I am curious what it is you wanna show us... ;)

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Oki, lets try it to see if I can make it show up here. :D Well nope. I see you also have a donkey in the cargo room. :D Did you managed to get them out from there? Also report this to the author of the mod really.

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A donkey and both of my horses (Pride, Glory Armored) yes. They made the trip from Anvil around the SW corner of Tamriel back to the Imperial city in the new Cargo Space. As for how did I get them out, same method, "Tilde Select the *Second Horse", run to IC stable *Travel" to same place my horse will appear then "Tilde + MoveTo Player" and the second horse appears, the Donkey already comes with a "Summon Anywhere" function. Lastly we rode them back to home. I messaged to the author of the ship about the new deck I added and the trip. That mod is well worth Installing considering the tremendous exploring and other locations totally foreign to Cyrodiil.





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Cool. I will look that mod for for sure. id you had the link to it? I do wanna try the one with your extra deck, so have you uploaded it anywhere?




I add your screenies here, between the





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