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Ask to be turned into a Vampire


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Something that kinda bugs me is that sometime's you come across a Vampire NPC that's non-hostile. (Sybille, Hert, and Hern to name a few) And no matter how friendly you are with them, even though you know that they are, in fact, vampires, you were never able to ask them to turn you.


There are mod's out there that let you turn followers and other NPC's into vampires, and even mods that let you ask vampiric FOLLOWERS to turn you, but no such mod exists for NON-follower NPC's.


This is 2022! issues of seasonal weather, seasonal environmental variations. We can travel from Morrowind to Cyrodil, Highrock to Elsweyr. We have mods that let you conquer Skyrim ourselves rather than join the Empire or Stormcloaks. We have mods that turn Skyrim into a totally different game altogether. There's even a mod that let's you join Alduin for Sithis sake.


And yet, throughout 10 years and 7 releases, we still cannot ask our friendly neighborhood vampires if they would be so kind as to share their gift of immortality. Instead, we have mod's that add an option to a pause game menu or new game menu that turns you into a vampire automagically or we have to catch the disease form from our enemies in combat. That does not sit right with me.


I don't know how easy or hard such a mod would be to make, but I would like to ask the very capable modder's if one of you can turn this dream into a reality.


Ever hopeful for peaceful solutions, Temberwolf95.

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