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Which texture is this?


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I am a bit tired right now and lazy and I need to find a specific Texture. It is the blue ball here at the door. I do not recall where I found it. I do not even know if it is a TES texture or not honestly. I think it belongs to the mages Guild and i will go in game and peek and grab the object but if you know which it is, that might help It might be so that i will not find it in game at all? IDK? I could find a similar as well, but I do prefer that specific one. I am open minded...


Look at the door at the right top side, the blue ball. I do not have that door any longer. My container I am editing right now, point at that texture I added myself but from what? I do not remember, that is my current issue right now. The screenshot is from my House project 2008...





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