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How do I download archived files? (& add info to Nexus help?)


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I'm trying to download an archived version of a mod, because its older version has compatibility with Seasons of Skyrim while the newer one doesn't (yet).


I know I read somewhere awhile back that there's a way to download archived files, even though archived files are listed without download links. But I can't remember what the method was, and when I searched Nexus' help section, no instructions popped up.


So, both a question & a suggestion: how do I download archived files, & maybe that info could be added to the help section's topics.


Thank you!

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Files are archived when the mod author no longer wishes to support them. It might be a good idea to politely ask on the mod page if the author can move it back into the "Old Files" section if it's still required for new players.

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Hm, that's weird, because it's the mod author themselves who said in their comments section that folks who want to use the mod with Seasons of Skyrim should download that older file from the archive.


I'll ask them to move it. Thank you for the response.

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