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My Oblivion to Unreal Engine 5 Youtube Channel


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Greetings !


It's been a year now that I've been working on a personal project porting Oblivion assets into Unreal Engine 5.


The project is called OBLIVIUNREAL 5 and progress can be followed here :




Before anyone asks me "when will it be released", I have to dissapoint you by answering "never" because all assets come from the original game.


And why I'm doing it ? I did a first port years ago in CryEngine and was already impressed by the graphical overhaul, so when Unreal Engine 5 was released I was again curious to see how it would look.


And one year later, this project has become my "baby" adding more features here and there just for fun, especially now that I have developed tools enabling me to add a new town in one day (!)


And for those interested in diving into such a project, you can find a "very" brief tutorial here : https://mega.nz/file/I1VSBZaC#7YZCWUCc5VZabzKpdyYEpcbQvDvPIRc551sZkt7eiKE


All comments are welcome, either good or bad :wink:


Until we meet again,


Take care,



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