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What are some of the most relevant Oblivion mods today?


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So I've decided to go back and play Oblivion again. Last time I did a proper playthrough was 2016 or something. I was using a bunch of mods back then, like FCOM convergence, that included stuff like OOO, WarCry and a few more. But looking at it now all of this stuff seems horribly outdated.


Are those mods still relevant? Do they even work? Are there any modern (even if relatively modern) mods that are good and safe to use? ANd in general - what are the most relevant/impactful mods today?


I mean Unofficial Patches are no brainer. Technical and performance patches too.

For texture improvement - I am browsing through a bunch of stuff so I'll eventually pick something, likely OUT.

OCO still looks like the only relevant option for characters.


But besides that...


Are there any relevant gameplay enhancing mods, like the old OOO? Or am I better off sticking with just patches and textures at this point?

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Guest deleted2027229

It's all a matter of taste and what you want for your game. A timescale > 10 mod is more important for me personally than the latest graphical overhaul. Generally the most important mods should be the QoL mods, the best of which being—


denock arrow

mouse steer

qz easy menus

toggle quantity prompt

droppable quest items


better autowalk

faster sleep wait

daedric quests unlevelled

spell and item delete

quest message popup removal


CS tweaks -

Switch ayleidwell script - messagebox > message and you wont get the popup when using ayleid wells.


Apply MS39NirnrootPlantScript to all flora so plants dissapear when you pick them.


SEHaskill > SE01Door > Let's be civil shall we have a seat (deleted)
strange door map marker - visible + can travel to
SEDoorToShiveringIslesScript - lines 16 to 19 remove
SE01HaskillChoice09 delete DisablePlayerControls from Result Script (compile > ok)

^ these 4 tweaks will allow you to skip most of the shivering isles intro. Just FT to the portal and go straight through.


GMST tweaks -

fArrowSpeedMult 1500.0 > 3000.0 = x2 arrow speed
iHorseTurnDegreesPerSecond - 45 > 90 / RampUpPerSecond - 80 > 240 = quicker horse turn
iTrainingSkills - 10 = x2 training per level


For UI use BT mod / darkUI


For immersion -

basic primary needs

enhanced camera

wraiths without faces
dungeon actors have torches
elzGravity (gravity value -2200)
lock bash omega


Then there's the ini tweaks -







The latter removes immortal NPCs, the blank= removes the bethesda logos and lets you boot straight to the main menu.

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Use my list as a base really, and you will get less problems and issues. I should really add some of the stuff WanderA did mention, well Denoch Arrows is part of COBL as well. toggle quantity prompt is extremely useful.

I quote myself for a previous posting of my list. I base it on my experience and also failures, to use other stuff. So it is as result of Trial and Error. My Oblivion is very stable today, as reliable it can get I guess.


Cool. Oki. Let me present my list anyway. MOO can be added in the end, let MOO control OOO and the world spawning. I combine MOO with WAC Overhaul. MOO can be combined with anything, like MMM as well. So I guess you do miss some vital stuff. Your list looks very very different from mine. The best textures for Dungeons and everywhere is Qarl's but if you prefer dark dungeons, then skip Qarl's. Qarl made the best stuff ever and I learned a lot from him but he is no longer among us. He solved stuff 2006 when we went from Morrowind to learn how the H to mod Oblivion. We lost contact 2008.

MOO is so new, well newer than your list I guess. Moo was released 2 years ago. Maskar still try to make it funnier I guess, at least what I understood during our short chats. I gave him some stuff, like new arrows and some ini edits I made for new recipes. Lots of the fixes is newer too I guess. Lets see when or if there will be a new MOO later on.

Pekka, stop babble and shoot: Yes, so lets take a peek. Fixes is the most important o install anyway, The rest is just fun stuff.


This will be a bloody wall of text. I am sorry for that so start in one end and choose what sounds interesting. Do not skip any fixes really... use them all.


I strongly suggest following bug fixes and mods that makes Oblivion better, more good looking and less instability. Performance is the key.

Mods and tools

Wrye Bash - The original mod manager made 2004 for Morrowind and now it supports all Bethesda games and it still gets updated and is still supported by Wrye and is the most well made one ever. I chatted with him not long ago at his support chat, asking him about my lost paintings that he endorced at UESP. :D
MOO - Best Oblivion mod ever made by the brilliant Maskar - Best Overhaul ever made. High performance too and it does not touch the game as it is all scripted. The game stays clean and stabile. Put this mod after Wrye Bash Patch, last in your loading order, well before my addons for it of course. It must run before my addon... :/ (Works great with OOO or MMM or WAC)
WAC - Adds so much fun stuff, animals, weapons, you name it. So fun mod. MOO and WAC works best together, not stand alone. :wink: Maskar strongly suggest that we use WAC with MOO to get all extra fancy and fun stuff in game. Both are Overhauls, and the best ones I ever used as it keeps the game balanced and not boring. Vanilla game is boring.
Ultimate Leveling - Choose between exp or skill leveling in the ini or from the in game menu. I prefer skills as exp makes no sense what so ever. I really hate exp based games as they do not make any sense at all. All skills counts. Main skills full points and minor skills 10%. So damn well made by Maskar, the author of MOO.

Bugfixes and tools

SkyBSA - If you use custom textures, you must use this to make them load in game, like Qarls retexture or any retexture.
EngineBugFixes - Bugfixes
Unofficial Bugfixes - Patch Oblivion
Unofficial Bugfixes for all DLCs and Oblivion - 3 all together? - Bugfixes SI as one example
ENBoost - Bugfixes
ENB v0.295 - Bugfixes
Performance Sounds - Bugfixes

More Cool and fun mods

Retros Fletching - Make your own arrows, from bones and other stuff you find. I love the bone arrow :D
Knights Revelation - Best Oblivion story and quest driven mod I guess. So fun to play and it made Knights DLC worth the money, as it was expensive to buy back then. You got not much for those money honestly... This mod makes Knights into a brilliant and fun DLC.
Frostcrag expansion - Takes you deep inside a new world. Extremely well made.
Archeology - The Lost Spires - Brilliant fun quest mod. (External DL)
Fighters Guild - Extra quests
Mages Guild - Extra quests
Adventurers Guild - Extra quests
The order of the Phoenix - My first quest dungeon from 2006 - I still like it but it only has 1h game play... :wink: Making such a dungeon takes a week and it is all over after 1h only.... :/
Qarls textures made 2006 - and they are still the best textures ever made with high performance, nothing gets better than he did it. He was the best artist we had 2006 and still is a genius. Old stuff does not mean bad stuff, as it means quality stuff. Highest quality ever. Trust me, I have tested plenty of them and flushed them again... Qarl tought me a lot 2004-2008, as we where in the same forum. If it was not for him, my mods would never existed. I guess we all need mentors that guide us. And once more: R.I.P Qarl. We miss you, a lot. DAMN!!!! We sure lost onne of the most brilliant person ever for this community... :/
Multi Enchants
FEA for arrow enchanting
Alchemy Enhanced or Advanced rather. - For better options and faster potion making - Instead of making 1 potion at a time, you can make batches of unlitied amount within a second. Faster brewing than this is impossible. Trust me.
OCO2 for better good looking NPC's
Blockhead to make OCO2 to work at all.
Apachi Wigs for both sexes

Bodies? This is a very personal area, and hard to say, use this or use that. I use HGEC and i do think it has the most variable armor and clothes made for it today. I used BAB 2006 but it is a bit old now, This body mod also has an underwear version and you can make your female chars and NPCs to have any form and size. Loads of different textures for this body as well. Look around and find the ones you like best really. Search for Body in the search field at Nexus mods and see.

My old char with BAB from 2006 or 2007, do not remember really...

Current char, Gigaduex Armor just released

Gigadeux more dry surface

If you later want to use COBL and denock use OBSE or xOBSE max version v21.5 as 22.x do not work with denocking arrows. My own mod is based on COBL and all cool tools in it. I also made an addon for MOO. Not released yet but I do it very very soon, next week or so, 2 years of hard work all together. My goal is to let the game be much more funnier than it already is. This is my way to try that. 2 years development... https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9160783-wip-the-companion-friendly-hobbit-home


It is now released in an early beta. The Legacy of the Champion

I do test the latest xOBSE right now with good results. I installed it last week. So far so good. My BUG report for xOBSE 22.x is now closed. OBSE works from 2013 but it is 9 years old. Idle knows what he is doing. xOBSE will be damn great and is great already. Still under development by Idle who knows OBSE more than anyone else. I hope he one day solve the string bloating issues with con_save. All modder's that use strings, must destruct them to keep the saves clean. That's the way it is now.

So much fun stuff. so much to do still. :D Peek for more in our Mod Section

Gigadeux armor? This is the original that I ported to Oblivion, with some help from SunlitEarth, with permissions from this very nice modder ZapgiL. Screenshots taken yesterday with a new char. Bonus picture: :D (I play Skyrim at weekends, 2-3 days. And also some Morrowind, for screenshots for my books. I can play Morrowind whenever I like. I do have a nice setup running.)


Well now I use the Dragon Armor, as the GigaDeux looks to fancy in my current play through, as I use Camping, Hunter mods and stuff like that. That fancy armor does not fit into that picture.


Skyrim though... Not oblivion but still... :wink: I do play it half time and Oblivion half time.



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